Top 5 Best Basketball Players of India

In India, basketball as a sport began to appear in 1930. Quickly enough, basketball competitions began to gain incredible popularity among people. After 20 years, namely in 1950, the Basketball Federation of India appeared, which acted as a regulatory body actively involved in the popularization and promotion of sports in the country. As a result, many Indian players have achieved great success in sports discipline and have repeatedly successfully represented the national basketball team in the world championships. Today we will talk about the best five basketball players in India.

Satnam Singh

At the age of 13, the player outperformed some of the best players in the country. The little prodigy, a native of the Ludhiana Basketball Academy in 2011, has already become part of the Indian basketball team, which played at the FIBA Asian Championship. After that, the player was invited to the national team on a regular basis. In 2015, the player was selected 52nd overall in the NBA Draft, which gave a tremendous boost to his career. The basketball player played for the Texas Legends club from 2015 to 2017. After 2017, the player moved to St. John’s Edge.

Player stats:

Position: Center.

GP    GS    MIN    PTS    FGM    FGA    FG%    3PM    3PA    3P%    FTM    FTA    FT%

27    2    193    42    16    39    0.41    0    0    0    10    17    0.58

OREB    DREB    REB    AST    STL    BLK    TOV    PF

14    24    38    3    3    2    13    43

Amjyot Singh

The player has shown extraordinary sports enthusiasm since childhood. This is not strange since there were athletes in the Amjyot family. At an early age, Singh wanted to become a cricketer, the sport most liked by the people of India, but due to an injury that the boy received during his school years, cricket as a professional sport could be forgotten. After that, the guy received an offer to try his hand at basketball, as his parameters were outstanding. As a result, the player’s professional career began in 2015 in Japan, namely at the BJ Challenge Summer League 2015. Amjyot Singh’s career is also notable for being the first Indian player to sign a contract abroad. It is also worth noting that the player shows a reasonably high result in the country’s national team and is one of the best players in India.

Player stats:

Position: Power Forward/Small Forward.

GP    GS    MIN    PTS    FGM    FGA    FG%    3PM    3PA    3P%    FTM    FTA    FT%

43    3    8.7    2.4    0.8    2.8    0.281    0.5    2.1    0.256    0.3    0.4    0.765

OREB    DREB    REB    AST    STL    BLK    TOV    PF

0.1    0.9    1    0.5    0.3    0.1    0.4    0.8

Amritpal Singh

The former kabaddi player has become one of the best discoveries in Indian Basketball. Success came to the player in 2015, when he started playing for the Tokyo Excellence team. In this team, the player demonstrated excellent speed and excellent passing game, thanks to which he became a very famous player. For his achievements in 2016, the player received the National Basketball Development League title. Then the player went to perform abroad and began to dominate there. As a result, Amritpal Singh was signed by the Australian Sydney Kings for the 2017-2018 NBL season. By the way, Amritpal became the first Indian player in history to sign a contract with an Australian club.

Player stats:

Position: Power Forward/Center.

GP    MIN    FGM    FGA    FG%    3PM    3PA    3P%    FTA    FT%    TRB    AST    STL

27    676    119    285    0.418    13    47    0.277    103    0.621    175    34    15

BLK    PF    TOV    PTS

20    72    82    315

Anitha Pauldurai

Not only Indian men have proven themselves as excellent basketball players. Among women in this sport, Anitha Pauldurai stands out very firmly. At school, she played volleyball, but the basketball coach saw potential in the girl and suggested changing the sport. Anitha Pauldurai is currently the most titled basketball player in India. She is the owner of 30 medals of national championships. It is also worth noting that Anita took part in nine championships of the Asian Basketball Confederation for the Indian national team, which makes her the only representative of the country who succeeded. For all the years spent in the national team, she received the title of team captain for her significant contribution. The most remarkable thing is that Anitha became the youngest captain in the team’s history. She was able to achieve this at the age of 19.

Player stats:

Position: Shooting Guard.

Min    FG    2pts    3pts    FT    O    D    Tot    As    PF    To    St    BS

24.1    11.4    6    5.4    1.4    1.2    2.4    3.6    4    1.6    1.6    2.2    0

+/-    Ef    Pts

13    19.2    16.4

Geethu Anna Jose

Since Geethu Anna Jose was born in a basketball background family, one was familiar with the sport from early childhood. The girl began her career in big-time sports with the Kerala Junior Basketball Association. Already in 2002, she began to take part in international tournaments. Not only by her talent but also by her efforts, the girl quickly began to be considered a rising star in Indian women’s basketball. Halfway through the transition from junior to adult level, she began to overshadow the results of already experienced players. For her excellent game and leadership qualities on the basketball court, she was made the team’s captain. And Indian Sports News in 2011 named her the best basketball player in India and the face of Indian basketball in general.

Player stats:

Position: Center.


21,6    9,4    1,2

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