Top 10 Best Condom flavors Available with Price in India

By now everyone in the world knows the need of condoms for safer sex and letting you not regret with unwanted pregnancies, at the start of condom’s manufacturing their main motive was to protect sperm from entering the danger area in case you only need enjoyment. There are many condom brands across India finding its way to success based on different types of success stories, some offer you timer control while the other offer extra dotted layer for enjoyment. The most rated and most advanced feature introduced in the genre of the condom to make it more likable to buy is to introduce taste along with protective layer provided.

Lots of people enjoy the unnatural way of sex that is called as the oral sex, well putting it in mouth and forming good taste make lots of sense as condoms at present are not only safer but enjoyable mode of sex with your partner.

Apart offering protecting layer the second main aim of these companies to perform well in market is with the help of better and like able taste, there were few taste introduced at the start of this of selling of condoms in India. Soon the flavored condoms become everyone’s favorite and your lady wants a specific brand with particular taste. In order to let customer enjoy the foreplay companies producing condoms are introducing different taste in order to win the race.

In the article we will discuss the authentic taste in condoms that have done miracles for the companies and boosted their selling in India. In case you are first timer and doesn’t know much about different taste offered, you can just read the top 10 best condom flavors available in India with their price.

10. Trojan Supra BareSkin Lubricated Pack of 10 for INR 140

As most of us like the different flavored taste in condoms before buying, there are many couples that settle for the natural taste of the condom without any taste, in case you fall in the same category you can choose Trojan Supra BareSkin Lubricated Condoms for the natural way of enjoyment. The company let you enjoy they natural taste as it dilutes the taste of rubber that makes it more real and breaks the flavor rules. You can boast that you like more the authentic taste in natural way rather than compromising its taste with artificial taste lubricants.

9. Durex Condom with Orange flavor Pack of 3 available at INR 50

The company from England has seen a great like in the brands available as condoms worldwide; you can classify it as the top selling Condom worldwide after the leader in the field called as the Trojan series of condoms. The taste is introduced to let you enjoy the juicy taste of orange while you are enjoying the foreplay before or after the main course called as sex. In our independent polls most of women have admitted that they like Durex Condom with Orange flavor as it let them feel more want to grab the oral than any other flavor.

8. Moods Condom with Scented flavor Pack of 3 at INR 25

Moods is another great name when it comes to assure you safer sex with your partner, the scented flavor is newly introduced in the crowd of different fruits taste as most of women doesn’t like going down without smelling that makes them crave for the oral. The advertisement on television for these Moods condoms are highly sensuous and available easily at every medical store. In addition to the newly thought scented flavor these condoms are known for lasting long with HLL Healthcare manufacturing company product. The scented flavor are in different tempting smells that wipes out complaint of odour from the male reproductive organ making it more attractive for ladies.

7. Deluxe Nirodh 160 approx for INR 60

Lots of new couples may not know about the brand but the older one reading the article can know the brand as it is the oldest competitor in the field of condoms. In case you want to know the history of condoms in India, the name of Deluxe Nirodh will be there at the top as government distributed this vintage brand with natural taste called as regular and at very low price.

6. Kohinoor Brand Condoms Regular Pack of 3 at INR 20

If sometimes we decide to rank best regular condoms in India; Kohinoor will surely stand at the top as the company came in market when there was very less competition in market. The key players that made it one of the finest players is the extra dotted and combination of ribs to form extra pleasure for both the partners. In addition to this quality Kohinoor condom are well tested for demagogically and called as the complete protection against unwanted pregnancy and STD’s

5. Moods Fruit Flavored Pack of Three at INR 25

Moods another flavor marking it presence amongst the top buy is the fruit flavor, the condom highly advertised that let you feel sensuous while looking at the visuals have made it counting amongst the top 5 condom flavors in India. The different type of packages are available in flavored variety as well as these condoms are also available as extra long series to let you enjoy the play for a longer period of time.

4. Manforce Condom Black grapes flavored condoms Pack of 3 at INR 22

In case you want to know which brand is favorite amongst the youth as well as the older one in the society, you can pick up manforce as the top choice as they are introduced in many series of flavors and forms in India for men and women. The authentic taste of black grapes will let you feel amaze while enjoying different positions with delicious taste.

3. Durex Strawberry Pack of 3 at INR 50

Durex is the only company that is giving stiff competition to Manforce as condom brand in India, the Durex Strawberry flavored is one of the most likeable flavor for ladies as they like its delicious form with combination of strawberry taste and extra dotted pack for more enjoyment and pleasure. The company boasts in its add that it will surely offer longer interaction with partner than the usual with its great formation.

2. Manforce Banana Flavor condoms Pack of 3 at INR 22

Manforce is widely spread and most likeable brand when it comes to condom brands in India, the company are famous for their sensuous advertisement on television with brand ambassador Sunny Leone letting you feel naughty. Available in different packs, for extra enjoyment you can choose the pack available as 10 condoms pack with amount INR 60 with features extra dotted and lubricant that ensures protection against unwanted sex.

1. Manforce Chocolate Flavor Condoms Pack of 3 at INR 22

Delicious taste of chocolate has made it to the top when we talk about the different series of taste available as Manforce condoms. Manforce introduced many tastes in India like the Coffee, Butterscotch, Jasmine and many more but the flavor that has the ability to attract most number of buyers is the Chocolate flavor and we don’t need to explain why chocolate attains the top spot.