Top 10 Best Popcorn Maker Brands In India

All of us have our own favorite when it comes to food items in particular. Despite our knowledge about the goodness and badness of food items, some food items still remain our favorite for the whole of our lifetime. These favorite food items are even capable of changing our moods at the very glance of theirs. Though we eat various kinds of food items every day small time snacks always have a special place in our hearts. Even among the snacks, some of them always top the list of favorite foods. Pop Corn is one among those snacks that has remained the favorite of millions of people across the world for many decades now. Pop Corn which makes people enthusiastic is rich in fiber and so good for health.

Let us have a look at the top 10 best Popcorn Maker Brands in India and their price:

10. TVC Popcorn Maker

TVC Popcorn Maker

Though it is in the 10th place, in this list, this is one of the sleek models available in the market today. The transparent bowl that collects the cooked popcorn and the non greasy vessel adds value to this model of a Popcorn Maker. TVC Popcorn Maker is small in size and so offers easy cleaning every time after usage

Cost – Rs. 1800/-

9. Texet Popcorn Maker

Texet Popcorn Maker

Texet Popcorn Maker is considered as one of the best Popcorn Maker and the unique technology that is used in this model is the reason for the same. The hot air that gets circulated evenly inside the cooing vessel makes this model a special one. It comes with multipurpose spoon and cup which are designed in a unique manner

Cost – Rs. 1500/-

8. Skyline Popcorn Maker

Skyline Popcorn Maker

From the house of Skyline which deals with a wide range kitchen appliances Skyline Popcorn Makers have taken the market by storm through its rich features. This model supports cooking Popcorn without using oil or butter and so is the healthiest of the options among the other models

Cost – Rs. 1100/-

7. Cuisinart Popcorn Maker

cuisinart popcorn maker

Cuisinart Popcorn Maker is an American based model comes in two utility styles, namely Easy Popcorn Maker and Hot Air Popcorn Maker. The model is highly durable and one of the best among the other model Popcorn Makers in the market. Suiting the name Cuisinart, this brand Popcorn Maker has stylish looks that attract the customer-base to a huge extent

Cost – Rs. 9200/-

6. Chef Pro Popcorn Maker

Chef Pro Popcorn Maker

Yet again another brand from America, Chef Pro Popcorn Maker comes with a plastic exterior and aluminum interior parts. Chef Pro Popcorn Maker does not only prepare Popcorn but also other fries out of fryums, peanuts and nuts. This multipurpose utility value of Chef Pro Popcorn Maker makes it one of its kind among all the other models available in the market

Cost – Rs. 2000/-

5. Oreva Popcorn Maker

Oreva Popcorn Maker

Oreva is a famous kitchen appliance group in India that has offered strong and sturdy products to Indian customers. This brand Popcorn Maker is made up of fiber and steel body which is sturdy enough to withstand for long period of time. Oreva Popcorn maker helps in making varieties of snacks apart from Popcorn. Oreva Popcorn Maker has been the preferred brand of Popcorn Maker for many thousands of people

Cost – Rs. 1500/-

4. Orbit Popcorn Maker

orbit popcorn maker

Orbit is a huge business group that deals with innumerable home appliance products. It is a well established brand in India and its Popcorn Maker has gained huge welcome from millions of users. The external body is made up of an attractive color combination of silver and black which gels with the sleek looks of the same

Cost – Rs. 1200/-

3. Nova Popcorn Maker

Nova Popcorn Maker

Nova Popcorn Maker come with a high utility value butter tray and anodized body material which makes it sturdy and a high quality one. Nova Popcorn Maker provides an excellent taste through the high quality products used in the same. Nova Popcorn Maker is undoubtedly one of the best Popcorn Makers available in India today. The sleek design of the Nova Popcorn Maker is highly attractive and offers ease of use to users

Cost – Rs. 1100/-

2. Johnson and Smith Popcorn Maker

Johnson and Smith Popcorn Maker

Johnson and Smith Popcorn Maker is basically an American brand Popcorn Maker that has been a pioneer in this field. The brand’s expertise in creating high quality, durable products has been utilized to create Popcorn Maker. Be it the high quality accessories used in making the Popcorn Maker or the high end technology used in the same, Johnson and Smith Popcorn Maker is one of the best Popcorn Maker in the world

Cost – Rs. 1700/-

1. Softel Popcorn Maker

Softel Popcorn Maker

Having been in the Popcorn Maker machine manufacturing business for almost 22 long years is no doubt a deserving pioneer in the industry. The innovative approach adopted by Softel Popcorn Maker has made it one of the promising brands in India. Softel Popcorn Maker makes fryums, peanuts and papads among the other things. Softel Popcorn Maker is used by millions of people across the world

Cost – Rs. 1900/-




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