Top 10 Best Soda Maker in India For Home Use

Soda is nothing but a carbonated sweet water. Carbonated water is healthy like regular water but with sugar in it that causes serious health problems. But they also have some great benefits they can control stomach upset, hydration and constipation. The soda maker is the essential thing needed to produce soda, it works as a base to produce any type of Soda. You can also make different flavors of soda with these Soda maker brands. It is used for commercial purposes usually . There are various brands of soda maker are available in India.

Here is the top soda maker machines that rules that industry.

10. Rasna Fruit Soda Maker

Rasna Fruit Soda Maker

Rasna fruit soda maker requires no batteries and electricity to make sweet deliciously fresh soda. This soda maker also comes with the small size of CO2 Cylinder which helps it to make 30 liters of soda without any trouble. It is one of the preferred choices to make soda. The price of this soda maker is Rs. 2,950.

9. Soda stream Soda Maker

Soda stream Soda Maker

This is soda maker is one of the most used soda makers in India and it also the most preferred soda maker brand all over India. They manufacture four types of soda maker with difference interesting features. They are Genesis home soda maker, jet black soda maker, Jet black soda maker, and Play soda maker. There is the bit expensive soda maker when compared to other soda maker brands. The price of this soda maker is starting from Rs. 6,600. Play and genesis soda maker are best-selling soda maker from them.

8. Hamilton Soda Maker

Hamilton Soda Maker

Hamilton soda maker is one of the most reputed brands of soda maker in India. Preparing soda is very easy and very convenient and carbonated beverages made by this soda maker is easy to serve and it lasts for the quite long time. There are two models in the Hamilton soda maker and they are Cantona and soda station. You can make a large amount of soda with them and it is available at the price of Rs. 3,068 in online portals.

7. Savy Soda Maker

Savy Soda Maker

Savy soda makers are the manufacturers of one of the best soda maker in India. They are available in different models.  This brand of soda maker is easily portable and requires no battery and electricity to run. You can make extremely delicious soda or carbonated drinks with them without much effort. This soda maker is available in 3 different colors too. This soda maker is priced at Rs. 2,880 only.

6. Mr. Butler Soda Maker

Mr. Butler Soda Maker

Mr. Butler range of soda makers are the leading soda maker manufacturers in India. not only in India, it is one of the top most soda maker company in the world. It is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances. This brand soda maker has steel refill cylinder with the one-liter cap. This soda maker has the great reputation in the industry home appliances mainly in soda makers. The price of Mr. Butler is 3,060 only.

5. Softel Soda Maker

Softel Soda Maker

Softel is a 22-year-old company and it is one of the most trusted soda makers in the industry. This company is considered as the leader of innovative and user-friendly kitchen products. This company manufactures one of the best quality soda maker in India. they are two types in this brand one is Soda fizz which is quite simple and easy to use and another one is soda fountain which comes with triple security valve. Both are easy to use and mainly both are portable. This product is available at 2,228 rs.

4. Mr. Butler Pet Bottle 500ml Soda Maker

Mr. Butler Pet Bottle 500ml Soda Maker

It is another famous and most preferred soda maker by the people all over India. it comes with 4 bottles each of having the capacity of 500 ml. This product has come with BPA-free in nature. This bottles have one of the classic designs and come with the set of four different colors like Yellow, Grey, black, and orange with the best quality in the industry. The price of this soda maker is just 491 Rs only.

3. Savy spare Co2 cylinder Soda Maker

This soda maker is opted by many peoples all over the country and this soda maker is capable of making about 35 soda drinks with one cylinder and without any problem. This soda maker is made up of steel having 1 cylinder makes it one of the extremely easy and convenient to use by the users. This product comes with the affordable price of Rs. 2,900 only.

2. Mr. Butler Fizzy cocktail drink maker

Mr. Butler Fizzy cocktail drink maker

This soda or cocktail maker is manufactured by one of the most trusted and reliable companies Mr. Butler. It helps to prepare one of the finest soda and also helps to prepare cocktails. It also comes with Monin green apple syrup. It has one Co2 cylinder which is capable of preparing 35 liters of soda. And the cylinder can be filled again at some minimal price if it gets empty. The price range of this soda and cocktail maker is 3,060 Rs only.

1. Mr. Butler Rasna soda maker (2 cylinders)

Mr. Butler Rasna soda maker (2 cylinders)

This soda maker will help to make your favorite flavor of rain with ease and it comes with Rasna fruit plus which has 21 minerals and other vitamins comprising of natural fruit. It has two cylinders and 1 liter BPA-free pet bottle. This product is available at the rate of Rs. 3,555.

These are the most trusted and leading brands of soda makers available in India.