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HRMS refers to (मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन समाधान) or Human Resource Management Solutions and this HRMS Portal is offered by SBI for its employees. It is simply an intranet portal of a company which has all the details about an employee. The main reason behind launching this portal was better HR management. Now, the workers can look at their pension slips, salary slips, and other information with this portal. You should keep in mind that most of the retired professionals can also access this portal.

SBI has been merged with five banks in 2017. Hence, the workers of those banks can also use SBI HRMS portal. These five banks include State Bank of Karnataka, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Jaipur and Bikaner, and State Bank of Travancore.

We have discussed all of the important details regarding SBI HRMS in this article along with steps to log in to SBI HRMS portal for SBI.

What are the facilities available in this portal?

These are the details available on SBI Human Resource Management Services portal for employees. Along with it, you can access different other facilities by logging into SBI HRMS –

  • Pension plan which is applicable for specific employees
  • Pension Slip and Salary Slip of employees
  • Loan Status of any Closed or Active Loan
  • Account Balance of an SBI account
  • SBI Holiday Calendar
  • Nomination of PF
  • Account Statement and Transaction History of Bank Account

Steps for SBI HRMS IRJ Login


SBI or State Bank of India has recently upgraded its Human Resource Management System which is also known as HRMS portal with a lot of sections. In this article, you will get all the details you have required about SBI HRMS IRJ Portal, SBI HRMS SAP Portal, SBI EMS Portal, SBI Coin and SBI Salary Slip. So, keep reading the entire article properly as you will learn about a lot of things after this which are updated in SBI HRMS.

How to login SBI HRMS IRJ Portal?


Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is the new system operated by State Bank of India to perform different functions for its employees. SBI employees can perform all of its allied activities in this home page. By accessing this, you can access to Promotion scheme, Recruitment Programs, and your salary slips.

Basically, it has been designed to offer professional environment for the employees. It is basically your personal e-learning SBI portal from where you can access all the options available in SBI premises. You can access every big announcement, event, regulations, new schemes and new rules only on this login page.

Official link –



State Bank of India or SBI also launches System Analyze and Programming (SAP) software. It has been developed to keep an eye on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) like virtual classrooms, digital learning, career development and succession planning, property management, performance management, and competency assessment, and Capital Management Department. SBI HRMS SAP is helpful to access the human resources and finance management of State Bank Group.

SBI Salary Slip Login

The SBI Human Resource Management System offers an option to the users to access the salary accounts of employees using SBI HRMS portal. With this option, an employee can easily access their salary slip of every month, along with Achievements, Promotion policies, Awards and Rewards on achievement, if any.

You can check these sections using HRMS’s Salary Slip section. The official link to access this section is –

SBI HRMS Coin Login


Basically, this facility is related to SBI Retirement Plans and Pension Plans etc. With this facility, people can login to PF, Pension, or Retirement Account by giving User ID and Password. Only SBI employees can access this facility. Only retired/working SBI employees can login to this link. With this link, users can access SBI HRMS Coin Portal.

SBI HRMS Retirement/Pension Portal

If you want to download your SBI Pension Slips, you can access your retirement plans with this official link –

It is not the part of HRMS section but a very vital section which is checked by every user on quarterly or monthly basis. The SBI coin section has all the details about retirements, pension, and PF related details.

SBI Complaint Section

Users can also raise their complaints through SBI Bank against any wrongdoings which can affect any SBI user, Employee, Customers, Non-SBI user or even the bank. On SBI official portal, you can find a section to make complaints against anything wrong. There are Customer Care Support, Toll-Free No. and also feedback sections or complaints as well as resolving issues.

Users can also get in touch with contact info mentioned below as well as official links to raise their complaints or to check complaint status –

Toll Free Numbers of SBI1800 425 3800, 1800 11 2211, or 080 26599990 (these are available 24×7)

To raise complaints, click this official link –

To get contact details, click this official link –

About SBI

State Bank of India is a government body playing the most vital role and dynamics in the world of banking. State Bank of India is headquartered in Mumbai. It has over 14000 branches apart from 191 foreign offices. It is ranked among the top 4 banks in India, such as Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, and Punjab National Bank. SBI HRMS has made a lot of changes in its operation detailed above.

State Bank of India is a government-owned core banking facility offering a lot of beneficial services and products to the customers. The SBI HRMS portal is completely designed to help their staff or users in any case. You don’t have to walk through the writing applications or managers. This portal has everything you can access.

When users or SBI employees log in to this portal, it starts offering its services and you can get all the details you need.

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