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Andhra Pradesh has been a model when it comes to digitalization. The records have been digitalized for almost every government department and the government is doing all this at a fast pace. If you live in Andhra Pradesh and if you wish to check the land records in Andhra Pradesh then you can now check these details online by following the process listed below.

MeeBhoomi Online Process To Check Land Records

For Andhra Pradesh, we are going to talk about two different types of services. Here are the details of these services below. Before you move ahead, it should be noted that the website to check the details is and hence you need to visit the website before you even start checking the details.

Checking Village Adangal

:- To check Village Adangal, you need to click on Adangal from the top menu bar and select Village Adangal. This will take you to a new page where you can enter the district name, the name of the zone, village name and captcha code to get the details.


:- The details for the village Adangal will be displayed on a pop-up and hence ensure that the pop-up blocker is disabled.

:- Now select details District name, Name of the zone, Village name and click.

adangal village

Checking Adangal for Self

:- To check the Adangal for yourself, you can simply visit the website again and click on Adangal. From here, select the first option “Your Adangal”.

:- On the next page, select the radio button corresponding to the details as District name, Name of the zone, Village name and enter the Survey Number that you wish to use to fetch Adangal.

your atghal

:- You can check your adangal by Survey Number, Account number, Aadhar Number and Name of the graduator

:- Now, enter the district name and other such details to get the records that you need.

It should be noted that this website is only to check the details of Land Records in Andhra Pradesh. For checking the details of Telangana Land Records, there is a separate website and hence you would have to refer to that particular website.

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