Bhulekh Odisha Khatiyan Number Online Land Record Details

Odisha had been developing at a very fast pace since last few years and this has made Odisha as an attractive option to invest in property. If you are also willing to invest in property in Odisha then you must ensure that you carry out investigation property so as to avoid any sort of misdeal or fraud during the purchase process.

The good news here is that you do not have to visit the government office in Odisha to check the details as the process is available online for you to check Bhulekh Odisha. If you are not sure about the process then you can checkout the process listed below as this can help you in checking the property records online.

Bhulekh Orissa Online Process To Check Property Records

Below is the process to check Land Records / ROR in Odisha for any type of property.

Step 1: The official website for checking the land records is and hence you need to visit the website to start the process of verification.

bhulekh odisha

Step 2: On the Bhulekh Odisha website, you can toggle between the ROR view and the Map view. This can be done easily by simply choosing ROR view or Map View from the top navigation menu.

Step 3: If you choose the ROR view, then you can simply enter the District, Tehsil, Village and RI Circle from the section on the page and if you choose the Map view, then you can enter the District, Tehsil, Village, RI Circle & RI Circle on the page.

Step 4: Once that is done, you have three options there to select “Khatiyan, Plot & Tenant ” choose once which you want to find. then click on the submit button and the details will be displayed to you.

This was the short and simple process to check the property details in Odisha. In case of an issue, you can reach out to Tehsildar or Director of Land Records and Survey in Cuttack. They will certainly help you in resolving your query for more details follow Bhulekh Odisha official website.

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