Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Bhumi Abilekh Online (712 Utara, 8A) Details Maha Bhulekh

Maharashtra is a huge state and it has a lot of cities, districts and Tehsil. In such a case, if you are planning to purchase a property in Maharashtra, it could be really difficult for you to verify the authenticity of the deal. While most of the sellers would be genuine but there is still a chance of being a victim of a fraud transaction. Now, the first question arises is that how can we avoid that? Well, this is simple.

You can avoid this by simply verifying the land records of the property you are purchasing. Now, wait a minute, you do not have to visit the district office to check the land records.

This can be done online and in this article, we have basically shared the process to check the land records in Maharashtra. Follow the process as listed below to get the details of Land Records in Maharashtra.

Online Process to Check Land Records

:- महाराष्ट्र शासन महसूल विभाग is the official website for Maharashtra Land Records and hence, to get the details, start the process by visiting this website.

mahabhulekh online

:- Once you are on the website, you will notice a map of Maharashtra on the homepage of the website. From this map, select the area where you wish to get the land records for.

:- For example, if you wish to get the details in Pune then click on the map of Pune and you will be taken to a new page.

:- Now, enter the details of district, sub-division, Tehsil and Plot number of this page and click on submit button to get the land records for that specific reason.

:- Now you can also search and download Aapla 7/12 land record. Just visit here and create on new user registration at bottom left side.  Fill the form for registration. After that you user login id will be created now you can search and download the records.

This was the process to check the land records in Maharashtra and the process can help you in staying away from several types of scams and frauds. If someone knows is purchasing the property then share this process with them and help them in ensuring that they get involved in the correct deals.

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