Top 10 Countries with the Highest Average IQ in the World

The IQ or the Intelligence Quotient is basically used to measure the intelligence of an individual. Many nations are also being assessed on the basis of Intelligence Quotient as it is directly or indirectly linked with the nation’s economic growth and social well-being. However classifying the nations by something called as IQ is controversial and debatable. There are many factors which influence the Intelligence Quotient of a nation and some of the prominent ones are life expectancy, kind of Government and Gross Domestic Product along with High end engineering and Technology processes.

There are a variety of IQ tests which are designed in a way that an average number will be around 100. In this list, we’ll explore the top ten countries in terms of highest average IQ in the world.

10. Sweden

At number 10 with the average IQ of around 101, we have Sweden which lays the foundation of the top 10 country of the list. The population of this country is known for making prestigious watches and Swedish people are extremely professional. You would find a number of bankers from Sweden so surely the people of this country do a lot of academic study and are studious. The education system is praiseworthy as mostly the education cost is being borne by the Government so that more and more people can study. Sweden is the second country in the world which used computers at workplaces.

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9. Austria

With an average IQ of 102, Austria stands at number 9 in the list of top 10 countries in the list. Austria is a small nation landlocked with countries such as Italy Switzerland and Germany. Education system is great in Austria and in fact is known as one of the best education systems of the world. For Austrian children who are at least nine years the education is free and mandatory. You would find second highest percentage of PhDs in this country.

8. Germany

The most powerful country in Europe and the world is also one of the countries to fall in top 10 countries with highest average IQ of the world with a score of 102. You would come across great thinkers and influential minds who are an expert in fields of science, art and philosophy. The population of Germany is not as huge as compared to other countries but maximum people would study Engineering, Mathematics, Technology and Science. Germany has some of the most high-status universities like Heidelberg University. The Gross Domestic Product of this country is the highest in the world. And all of us have heard of German Cars.

7. Italy

Italy has a tie with Germany with the IQ Score of 102 making it the 7th country in the list. Italians are renowned for the revolution the brought in the fields of science and technology for over hundreds of years now. With one of the luxurious histories of the world along with the expertise in academics and art, we have a nation which has given birth to people like Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, and Dante Alighieri. Owing its existence to the eras of Roman Empire and Renaissance, this boot shaped country has seen immense growth in art and architecture as well. And then, who has not heard of Italian Sculptors, Painters and Poets.

6. Netherlands

At number 6, we have Netherlands with an IQ Score of 103. Mandatory education of 12 years as well as a good education system makes it one of the best countries of the world in terms of education in the domain of science and mathematics. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has ranked the education system of this country as the ninth best in the world.

5. Singapore

With a highest average IQ score of 103, we have an Asian Country at number 5. Singapore is well-known for its business, finance and technology and the students are mostly on the top positions in terms of their performance in the domain of science and mathematics. This country is known for its education system and their trade with other countries. Which has immensely helped in boosting the GDP of the country. Due to the income of their exports, the government is able to spend more and more money on learning.

4. Taiwan

Officially known as the Republic of China, Taiwan is one of the heavilypacked country in the world. Not only has the largest population, but also the smartest population. With an average score of 104, Taiwan ranks at number 4 in the top 10 countries of the list. US being one of the biggest trade partner of Taiwan, more and more people are bilingual and study English to give themselves a boost in their careers ahead. It is also known for its advancement in technology,

3. Japan

With a highest average IQ of 105, we have Japan at number 3 of the top 10 list. Japan is also one of the country of the world with the highest literacy rate of ninety nine percent. The University of Tokyo is one of the best universities of the World and the best one in Asia. Japan has literally risen from the ashes and has made a considerable improvement in technology and education. Not only that, Japanese have the highest life expectancy.

2. South Korea

South Korea is regarded as the most “innovative” of all and the unparalleled score of highest average IQ of 106 makes it the second country in the list of top 10 countries of the list. The inhabitants of this country have the fastest access to the internet as they have the most reliable and quickest internet of the world. More and more students have the degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The education system is cited as very competitive and strict and this has led to a number of suicides during the examination period.

1. Hong Kong

Countries with the Highest Average IQ

Not a country though but a very important administrative region in China has made its place in the highest Average IQ in the world with the score of 107. The students are expert in mathematics and science and this place has the second best education system after Finland as per the list of OECD on the basis of education quality. Many students get themselves enrolled in crash courses so that they can improve their grades and education for the better future prospects. One such school is ‘Cram schools’ which has become the favorite of all the students in HK.


Largely IQ is regarded as something which is more intrinsic and less teachable as it is mostly based on articulate thinking or someone’s ability to think on the feet and of course the problem solving skills. These traits are something which cannot be taught. Education is mostly all about gaining the knowledge and memorization which might not be useful while taking an IQ test.

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