Top 10 Largest Wheat Producing Countries In The World

Wheat, in one way or the other, is the staple food of our world. Given the nutritional benefits of wheat, it is safe to say that wheat is indeed most eaten food all over the world. Knowing that wheat is a part of the staple diet, it is most obvious that every country should have the bare minimum of enough wheat production so as to need its own population. Given that our geography is so varied, it is expected to have varied wheat production as well. However, thanks to the global diplomacy and several global institutions which have set the rules for import and export of wheat, it is safe to say that every country gets its own share of the wheat and hence, one is ensured of food on his table.

According to an estimate, 218,000,000 thousand hectares of land is currently under the use as wheat crop and harvest which is far greater than any other crop in the world. This also brings us to the fact that wheat is third largest crop produced in the world and hence, it contributes greatly to the world economy. Wheat is rich in Carbohydrates and Proteins which makes it super healthy and nutritious. The two most commonly grown wheat forms are: red and white the wheat crop requires a mixture of loamy and sandy soil in order to mature along with cold climatic conditions.

Given these set of rules, wheat is favorably grown with such conditions only.

List of Most Wheat Producing Countries In The World

Let us have a look at the list of top 10 wheat producing countries in the world and what makes the growth massive in these parts of the world.

wheat production in india

10. Ukraine

Wheat is grown in many regions of Ukraine, with the largest wheat-producing areas being the southern and central regions of the country. Wheat is an important crop in Ukraine, and the country’s wheat production has generally been increasing in recent years. According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Ukraine’s wheat production in 2021 was estimated to be 24.5 million metric tons. In 2020, Ukraine’s wheat production was 22.5 million metric tons. The country’s wheat production has been above 20 million metric tons in each of the past several years.

9. Australia

For a country as big as Australia 30 million metric tons is a very low production. Still, it is enough to contribute to Australia’s economy as a huge part of it. According to a recent report the maximum wheat production is done in the western region of the country which has more promising weather conditions than the rest of the country. Since it gives an equal importance to other crops, wheat is produced in a controlled manner rather than producing in bulk quantities.

8. Pakistan

Since Pakistan has a great geographical position, it is safe to say that Pakistan is also one of the 10 largest wheat producers in the world. For a weak economy as Pakistan, the wheat export is of great help and support to maintain equilibrium and make the ends meet. Pakistan has produced around 24 million metric tons of wheat in the bygone year. Pakistan occupied Punjab province is the major producer of wheat in this nation.

7. Germany

When we talk about Germany, automobiles and weaponry manufacturing comes to our mind. However, even though agriculture is a small part of its economy, Germany has taken a lot of steps to improve the conditions and produces 22.5 million metric tons of crops in a recent year. It is expected that Germany will increase its production in coming years, however, this stable production is enough to serve its country and distribute a little in the neighboring ones.

6. Canada

Next up in line with 27 million metric tons in Canada. Canada is blessed with a great soil and temperature conditions which is one of the perfect locations for wheat production. If we talk about the revenue that Canada makes from its international alliances, it is wheat which has the maximum contribution. However, what is not the only staple food cultivated here.

5. France

Besides what other people think, the French economy relies completely on its agriculture and brewery and not tourism alone. It is the largest wheat producer in the entire European continent considering the fact that France has best suitable conditions. It is only due to the modern technologies that France is able to produce around 40 million metric tons of wheat every year. Most of its production is exported out in nearby European countries.

4. United States of America

With around 62 metric million tons of wheat production, we have the USA at the third spot. USA is known for cultivating a lot of variable wheat which is a result of the geographic versatility in the USA. Apart from wheat, cereal is the second largest staple crop in the US. The export of wheat and cereal had led to a great economic help to the nation in its early days.

3. Russia

A huge part of Russia’s economy is based on the export of wheat, which is why Russia has appropriately taken steps to improve its cultivation by minimizing the wastage and increasing productivity. The country has invested in a lot of modern new technology and scientifically made fertilizer which has evidently increased its crop production. The country has produced 56 million metric tons in past years and it’s speculated that the number is going to increase.

2. India

The agriculture capital of the world, India is second most wheat producer. The weather conditions in India are highly suitable for the growth and harvest of staple crops like wheat and paddy. According to a recent record, India has managed to produce around 95 metric million tons of wheat in a recent year. It is worthwhile to mention that India has achieved this number despite the several challenges faced by its farmers.

1. China

With about 125.6 million metric tons which are 20% of world’s total production, China is at number one. The world’s largest wheat produces cultivates it on plain lands, Fen River valleys on Loess plateau and in Jiangsu, and Sichuan provinces. Along with being the number one wheat producer, it is true what people say about the land of China.

It is very infertile and inappropriate to grow wheat on it; somehow, it stillis the maximum producer.

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