Top 10 Largest Lemon Producing Countries in the World

Citrus fruits are one of the most fondly eaten fruits in the World. It is hard not to eat them if you love tanginess in your food or a little splurge of energy during the hot summer days. Out of all the citrus fruits that the world has Lemons in particular are the most favorite. Although it is hard to eat it as it is, Lemon is a part of most tasty cuisines and its juice is one of the favorite drinks all across the world. A lemon juice every day during the hot summer days is enough to save you from the wrath of heat.

Having an ample of health and skin care benefits, Lemon is grown all across the world, and used just the same. But the 10 countries listed below are the top 10 producers of this citrus fruit.

List of Largest Lemon Producing Countries

To know more about these countries read the list given below which will blow your mind away how much lemons these countries grows. Read on:

10. Turkey


Turkey is the tenth largest producer of the Lemon which is the most vividly consumed citrus fruit of the world. The Antya and Mersin provinces of Turkey produce maximum citrus fruits along with a huge production of lemons. The total lime production of the year in Turkey is 706,652 tons which is just a fraction of the total citrus fruit production in Turkey which is astoundingly huge, that is, 3,102,413 tons per annum. The markets of Turkey are full of the huge, sphere limes all around the year.

9. Nigeria

Standing on the ninth position is the African country, namely, Nigeria. The vast Citrus plantations of Nigeria have proven to be one of the largest lemon producers in the world. It is safe to say that Citrus fruits and its export raise a maximum of its total revenue in Nigeria. With a total approximate production of 707,546 tons of Citrus, Nigeria is known to be eating raw citrus fruits without waiting for them to get ripened. The main provinces which grow Lemon are: Delta, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, and Kaduna.

8. Italy

Milan, Italy

One can randomly see vast citrus plantations all around Italy under the sun with huge trees holding big oranges and lemons. Italy produces a total of 769,536 tons of lemons out of its total 3,579,782 tons of citrus production per annum. The fashion capital of the world, Sicily, and Calabria are one of the largest lemon producers in Italy. Oranges, however, are the maximum citrus fruits found around in the country of Italy. The weather and fertile soil of Italy is a great combination for citrus fruits.

7. Iran

Ahwaz, Iran

Citizens of Iran are famous for growing their riches by having large orchids of Citrus fruits. Although it is situated in a geographically dry land in Asia, mystically Iran is one of the largest Citrus producers. With a total of 648,790 producers of lemon, Iran produces 3,739,000 tons of citrus fruits every year. Iran exports its citrus fruits to the Middle East and North Africa, which makes it the number one producer in these regions. The trade of Citrus fruits in Iran is some three century old. Mazandaran province near the Caspian Sea is the major lemon producer in Iran.

6. Spain

Basilica Of Our Lady Of Pillar, Aragon, Spain

As we know that Spain is a sunny country with a highly fertile soil, it is only true to include it in one of the largest Citrus producing countries of the world. It produces 880,000 tons of lemon per annum which is a huge part of its total citrus fruit production which is, 5,703,600 tons. It is believed that the Romans introduced lemon to the early inhabitants of Spain ever since they have their own plantations of it. This fact makes Spain one of the top exporters of its Lemons all around the world.

5. Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

With a production of 1,880,000 tons of limes and lemons per annum, Mexico stands at the fifth position on our list. Mexico makes up the only exported of limes and other citrus fruits in the markets of the USA. Although all the states and provinces in Mexico produces citrus, yet the maximum production is from Nuevo Leon which alone meets the demands of export to foreign countries. However, the inconsistent changes of climate in Mexico have been problematic in Citrus fruit production which usually harms the crop before the season of harvest.

4. The United States of America

Los Angeles, USA

Not only is the America one of the largest lemon producer, but it is world’s largest producer of the grapefruit. It has a huge production of around 10 million tons of total Citrus production which also includes a huge part of limes and lemons. The state of California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida are a major lemon producer. The majority of citrus production in the USA is consumed by itself in the form of juices which is a most preferred way of consumption.

3. China

Motuo County, China

China produces a huge amount of limes and lemons and is also the second largest producer of all citrus fruits together. It is estimated that China produces approximately 20 million tons of Citrus fruit per annum which is sufficient to meet the needs of its own markets. Out of this whopping big number, 1,668,000 number of limes and lemons are being produced currently. The growth of Citrus production in China has grown by 20% in last fifty years which is a big reason behind its high production. Only 2% of the total lemon production and other citrus fruits are exported outside.

2. Brazil

Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

Brazil is the largest Citrus fruit producer with a total of 21 million productions of all citrus fruits together. It produces around; 1,606,000 tons of limes per annum out of which a majority percentage is exported to foreign countries. It is said that 35% of oranges on our planet is grown in Brazil. And that more than half of lemon juice present in the world is from Brazil. Brazil has an area dedicated to the growth of Citrus fruits known as, Citric Belt which includes the state of Sao Paulo.

1. India

Lemon Producing Countries

The largest producer of limes and lemons in the world is India with an approximate production of about 3 million tons per annum. The Citrus production of India stands at the third production after Mangoes and Bananas. The Indian markets are ever flourished with lemons all around the year. However, the limes and lemons from India are not as big as from the other parts of the world.

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