Introduction to Megapari Betting Service

Today, it’s hard to imagine our reality without sports. One way or another, there are plenty of sporting disciplines that fans follow. Of course, these sports do not do without various additional elements. One of these elements is betting. Today they have become very popular and the number of betting shops is gradually increasing. Sports betting is enjoyed by both ordinary fans and professional sports analysts.


The bookmakers themselves have been sponsoring various sporting events, tournaments, and even entire leagues for a long time. Everybody has different reasons for betting on sports: some want to make money, some just want to have fun and try their luck at predicting. That’s why you can find a detailed description of sports betting at Megapari below.

Megapari Types of Bets

If you do decide to start betting, choose a sport first. It is advisable to become acquainted with all the types of bets available at Megapari and study each of them carefully. Most of the time, they are all similar for almost every sport. In certain disciplines, there may be additional options, but this is a more specialized bet. We will now take a look at all of the most popular variants.

One of the most popular outcomes of nearly every sport is a victory for one team or another, or one athlete or another. More often than not it is the usual result of a fight or martial arts match. The user is offered to choose one or the other of the participants in the event. It is also possible to bet on a draw. It is a relatively simple option, but often it may not work, so you should be careful.

The match total is a bet that takes into account the number of goals scored, goals scored, and so on. The total can be for the whole event, an individual player or team, a separate half, period, and so on. Often totals are bet based on more than a certain number of goals scored, or less than a certain number of goals scored.

A handicap is a bet which is based on one, two, or more goals scored by one or the other team, or on the other hand a handicap of several goals. Handicaps can be either plus or minus.

There are also very handy options for betting on individual players, players’ stats, and results. It also helps those who are certain of the outcome of a particular sporting event. Almost every bookmaker’s office has the option to bet using both the regular European system, as well as the Asian and other

Above you were able to get acquainted with the types of single bets at Megapari. However, if a player wants to get super huge odds and earn a lot on a sure bet. Then it is worth paying attention to multiple bets. Moreover, this kind of betting is also necessary to win back your welcome bonus of up to 9,000 INR on your first deposit. All you need to do is to bet five times on events with odds higher than 1.4. However, there must be 3 or more events in your betting slip.

So, a multiple bet involves combining several selections at once. It is very convenient because the odds are multiplied and the total is higher. So the player can get the bigger winning in case all bets come in, but there is a major disadvantage, because one bet, which does not come in, will ruin the whole express.

Megapari Sport Betting 


Here are some sports disciplines you can bet on.


Cricket betting is the most popular form of entertainment at Megapari India. Not only can you bet on IPL 2022, but other leagues as well. For this sport, all the types of bets that we have described above are available to players. Moreover, special bonuses for Indian players will only make the game better.


The real-world leader among the sports that people love to bet on. And a bookmaker like Megapari can’t skip this sport, so a great offer has been designed especially for you. And by the way, football is so popular that Megapari offers betting on even the most obscure African championships. Place your bets now and make some real money!


A truly amazing sport, with bets available every year, every day. With Megapari, you can not only bet on the ATP or WTA leader of the year but also on the outcome of an elimination match. You can bet on the whole game or the winner of a particular set. Do you have a good prediction? Then place your bet and win.


Love this sport from North America? Then Megapari has got deals just for you. Truth be told, we would point out that the offer is a medium one for basketball. However, this can be explained by the fact that it’s not the most popular sport in India.


It’s not just a sport in the Sports section of the official website homepage. It’s a separate section. A 21st century invention that has become instantly popular with bookmakers from all over the world is available on Megapari.