9 Best Comic Books For The Kids

Doubtlessly, childhood is a learning and glorious period for every kid. It is the responsibility of parents to divert their toddler’s mind in the right direction. When your kid commences reading, comic books are a great way to enhance their interest in books. Comic books consist of out-of-the-box ideas and animation.

In short, these books have plenty of things to offer young readers. However, finding an ideal comic book or graphic novel for early readers is complex. On the other hand, for the above 8 years kid, you have plenty of comic books.


If you seek the best one for your kids, here is the list of best comic books you can consider.

1. Toon Books

Doubtlessly, toon books are the ideal option for early readers. The striking feature is that it offers creativity and top-notch quality of content. Its invention is quite appealing and attracts young readers. They provide books on cute anthropomorphic animals, educational lessons, etc. Additionally, you can buy “Stinky” for your kids.

2. Owly

This book is ideal for those young readers who face problems in reading the written words. In this picture, they will find that the images are talking. You can easily download this comic ebook from the RARBG.

Almost all of these books are wordless but consist of numerous pictures. Early readers get the flow of reading by reading these books, mainly the comic tasks. The central theme of their story revolves around friendship, nature, and loyalty.

3. Tiny Titans

Teen Titans are launched after the Tiny Titans. These comic books are a blend of great colors. The creativity and story make it the best comic book among the other books. The story is all about the pint-size heroes and their school time. If your kind is six years old, you can add the Tiny Titans to the best comic book list.

4. Angry Birds Comic Sky High

The favorite characters of young readers are the angry birds. Whether your kid loves to watch movies or prefer reading books, angry birds will surely win their heart. Each story features the hilarious and fantastic angry birds and their friends, including the pigs.

Different phases of this story enhance the curiosity level of the reader. So, when you feel that your kid is showing an interest in an angry bird, give them the gift of angry bird comic books.

5. Catwad by the Jim Benton

The striking feature of this comic book is the hilarious adventures done by Catwad and his bosom friend, Blurmp. The character of Blurmp is carefree and happy-go-lucky. This comic is a blend of fun wordplay jokes and plenty of grossness. Your kids will show interest in the story of Catwad and his unpredictable adventure.

6. SpongeBob Comics

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, SpongeBob has a great fan following. Kids love to watch SpongeBob and its squad; if your kids find this character fascinating, why shouldn’t you bring the comic book related to SpongeBob.

If your kids do not show interest in reading, they will read this book with interest and dedication. These comics consist of short stories and are ideal for the above eight years kids.

7. Scooby-Doo Team-Up

One of the most enjoyable comics for kids is the Scooby-Doo Team-Up. Parents and Kids both will enjoy the story of these comic books. Every month this team meets with different heroes and characters from the classic Hanna Barbera cartoons such as The Flintstones and many more that make it enjoyable.

Additionally, by reading this book, kids will get an idea about the superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and many more.

8. Uncle Scrooge

Why not commence comic reading with the classics? Uncle Scrooge is an iconic comic from the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. Your kids will surely laugh after reading this book and say thank you for allowing them to read this most incredible classic comic book.

9. Hilda 1

Luke Pearsons established the Hilda series. It comes under the category of graphic novels. Additionally, Hilda is the story of an elementary school-going girl who lives in Stolberg. This village is populated by black hounds, talking birds, and many more. Hilda is an innovative and sassy girl who lives with her mom. Additionally, she loves animals and cares for them.

The major highlight of this story is that it is kids-friendly and teaches a great lesson. Along with that, it is ideal for kids in grade one. So, do not forget to bring this innovative and great comic for your loving kids.

Final Verdicts

These are the best comics for the kids that you must consider. Each comic has a unique story and values. After reading all these kids-friendly comics, your kids get different lessons that will promote their growth in a significant way.

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