11 Interesting Facts About Sunflowers That Will Surprise You

While vibrant, yet glorious, Sunflowers are recognized in the world because of their decorative function and elegant look. It is also considered to be the most beautiful flower in the whole world and it is regarded as the important source of food. Sunflower is the important food crop while its oil is also being used for several purposes.

Besides this, sunflower seeds are enjoyed as the healthy and the nutritious ingredient to many foods. The sunflowers are really a good sight to the eyes. There are a lot more to know about the sunflowers. Here are the interesting facts about sunflower that you must know to increase your knowledge.

11. Scientific name of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are really peaceful to the sight as they are vibrant in color and beautiful in its shape. Sunflower is the most familiar specie in the world and its name is the coinage of two words that sun and flower. The scientific name of Sunflower is Helianthus. Heliais the scientific name for sun and Anthusis for flower.

10. Sunflowers can soak nuclear radiations

One of the main and the most important quality of the sunflower is that they can absorb the nuclear radiations from the environment. They also have the good ability to soak toxins that us the reason why millions of the sunflowers were planted after the destroying reactions in the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan after tsunami.

9. Sunflowers as Scrubbing pads

Not only the sunflowers give the elegant look but these also are very helpful in other tasks. Once the flower heads of the sunflowers get empty of the seeds, they can give the job of the scrubbing pads. These scrubbing pads can really give you the cleaning job that the tools cannot.

8. The tallest sunflower

The tallest sunflower till grown in the world was about 30 feet. This is the tallest sunflower ever grown in the world and it was grown in Germany by Hans-Peter Schiffer. He had made record for two times in this regard before.

7. Sunflowers really traveled to space

In the year of 2012, when the astronaut of United States, Don Pettit went to the space. he along with him brought some sunflower seeds to the space and done some gardening process. He shared his experience on his blog and shred the pictures of the gardening process.

6. They are beneficial in healing process

The properties of sunflower in the healing and the soothing process have been known since the advent of the humans on this earth. In Mexico, the sunflowers were thought to soothe the chest pain and to treat the pulmonary troubles.

5. Species of Sunflowers


There are as many as 70 species of sunflowers that are very cheery, bright and they possess different shapes.

4. Do you Why Sunflowers are called as Sunflowers?

Have you ever wondered why sunflowers are named as Sunflowers? The reason that the sunflowers got their name is that they can track the sun. they show the movement which is known as heliotropism. They move their face wherever the sun is facing.

3. Nativity of Sunflowers

The first sunflowers didn’t come from Europe like many species of plant do. They are native to America and were first cultivated in the North America almost 3000 BCE. Then they were exported to the rest of the world.

2. They like Sun

As their name suggest, Sunflowers are the lovers of sun. they grow best when there is a lot of rays and also the space for them. they needs to grow almost six to eight hours a day but if you get them more, they can grow even better.

1. Sunflower is made of thousands of tiny flowers

 A huge sunflower is not a single flower yet its head consists of thousands of small flowers. The middle fuzzy brown centers are actually individual flowers them and almost a single sunflower can have as many as 2000 tiny flowers in its middle.

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