10 Most Interesting and Unknown Facts about Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is a 27-year-old Indian film producer and actress. She was born on May 1, 1988 in Ayodhya, India. She is a famous Bollywood actress who was nominated for 4 times in the Filmfare Award. Even though she was born in Ayodhya, she was raised in Bangalore, India.

Aside from being an actress and film producer, she is also a model who made her modeling debut in the year 2007. It was during the fashion show for a famous fashion designer based in India named Wendell Rodricks.

Anushka Sharma

Aside from these bits of information, here are 10 interesting and least known facts concerning the famous Indian actress, Anushka Sharma:

#1. Becoming an actress was never part of Anushka’s dreams. What she wanted even during her childhood days is to work as a professional model. Luckily, her parents are very supportive about her dream. She then worked as one of the talents of Elite Modeling Agency.

#2. She always finds time to do some shopping. She admits to be very shopaholic to the extent that she gets paranoid as far as shopping is concerned. She even gets irritated in just a small reason.

#3. When she was still a little kid, she was fond of collecting toffee wrappers. She then put these wrappers in small-sized shoe boxes. She just stopped doing it when her mother was shocked the moment she opened the boxes and saw nothing but toffee wrappers.

#4. Some of her loved ones are known to be one of the modern heroes since they are working for the safety of their very own beautiful country, India. Her father is working in the Indian Army as Colonel, while her brother is working in the Merchant Navy department.

#5. Anushka’s beginning in the industry was not that easy. She received painful comments from the biggest personalities in the filming industry. She also underwent thorough trainings and rehearsals. Her debut Bollywood film was titled Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

#6. She is one of those people who experienced long distance relationships. It happened when she was still on the advent of her Indian filming journey. The name of her boyfriend was Zoheb. However, the relationship didn’t last.

#7. Just like any other individuals in the world, Anushka also has her own favorite color, and this is the color black. In fact, she has a wide collection of black dresses in her closet. This is the reason why you often see her wearing black dresses.

#8. Even she’s already a famous Bollywood actress, Anushka still has her favorite Bollywood actor. He is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. However, she has her favorite co-star, whom is Ranveer Singh.

#9. She has undergone some appearance changes like on her lips. Nonetheless, these changes are only temporary. It is for the purpose of her role in the Bollywood movie titled, Bombay Velvet.

#10. She is also an attention-seeker, and she admits it. However, she defended herself by saying that every actor and actress is an attention-seeker. According to her, celebrities will never become popular without having this trait.

These are 10 most interesting and least known facts regarding Anushka Sharma. This gorgeous woman is excellent in her craft, which is why she is idolized by a lot of women not only in India, but in neighboring countries as well.