Top 10 Best Skiing Destinations in India to Visit During Winter

India is one of the top countries that attract a large number of tourists all through the year, because of these diversities. India is blessed with the diverse climatic conditions. You can enjoy the beaches of India in summer while you can enjoy the snowfall in the North of the India during the winter seasons. There are many beautiful destinations in India for skiing that should be visited by you, if you love the snow and love to play and skiing in the snow.

You can register to the skiing centers of northern India where many beautiful destinations are there for you. Check out the list of beautiful skiing destinations that you ought to visit in India.

10. Mundali

Located in the district of Dehradun, Mundali is a one of the famous skiing destinations of India. It is also a famous place for tourism near Chakrata because of its majestic views of Himalayas and skiing. Mundali features the series of vast ski slopes for the professional skiers and it also offers the school for beginners to learn the lessons of skiing. The snowcapped Mundali is equally famous and is always rushed with the tourists almost the whole year.

9. Narkanda

Located in the Shimla district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Narkanda is yet another attractive place for the skiing and tourisms. The beauty of nature and the peaceful environment can give the most satisfactory time to the tourists and the skiers that seek solitude in the mountains. The apple orchards and the dense green forests enrich the beauty of this skiing destination.

8. Kufri

Kufri is the best place to visit in the winters for the people who love skiing. It is a hill station that is located in the district Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is the place pf skiing for the beginners and the experts equally because of its steep and gentle slopes. The deodars and the pines enhance the beauty of this hill station very charmingly.

7. Dayara Bugyal

The High Altitude Meadow, Dayara Bugyal is also one of the most scenic skiing destinations of India. The enormous Himalayan Mountain Alps clasping the green and ice capped meadows gives the breathtaking view of this destination. Go skiing and cherish the beauty of the nature.

6. Auli

Auli located in the Uttarakhand is the 6th best skiing destination in India. It is also known as Auli Bugyal which means meadows. The sparking glittering slopes and the clean environment make it the one of the best destinations for the ski lovers. If skiing is your passion, then it should be present in your must visiting list.

5. Manali

Another beautiful town that is present in Uttaranchal, Manali is an outstanding and magnificent hill station that is worth visiting. It is nestled in the mountains and is located in the state of Shimla in India. There are many skiing guides and experts available who can guide you to enjoy skiing in the meadows of Manali.

4. Munsiyari

The next destination on our list is the Munsiyari which means a Place with Snow. It is one of the tourist’s destinations which are famous all along the India. It is situated along the river of Goriganga. It is the best place to ski because of the enthusiast glaciers and high altitude treks.

3. Solang Nala

It is a famous valley which is located in the town of Manali. This place is very famous for shepherding winter games especially skiing. Many special tournaments for skiing are organized in the Solang Nala for the intermediate skiers. The place is best for skiing because of its steep slopes.

2. Gulmarg

The small valley located in the beauty of India, Jammu Kashmir. Gulmarg is the second best place for skiing because the climate here always remains favorable for the skiers. It is also called the Heartland of winter sports. It is also the seventh best skiing destination in Asia.

1. Pahalgam

It is also a small town of Jammu Kashmir. It is the major skiing destination in the India because of its location and extravagant scenery and the breathtaking views of western Himalayas.

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