Imagine An Earth Without Moon!

What Effects On The Earth If The Moon Disappeared?

Apparently, the moon is always up there. Being the earth’s only natural permanent satellite, moon can only rotate its orbit around earth no matter you like it or not. However, people only get to see the full moon when it reflects sun’s rays at an interval of 29.5 days, and there’s a formality to maintain as well, it’s all about the complicated science of lunar calendar. However, moon isn’t just a useless satellite who is just sitting at space and reflecting sunlight every 15 days, there are certain effects of moon on earth. For instance, the first effect the earthlings will get to notice if the moon disappears – a disastrous mess in the sea tide system. That’s just one of the examples what the absence of moon will do to earth, and its residents.

Moon has always been a matter of curiosity to the humans. A quick read for you – From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Vernes. If you haven’t read this literature piece already, you have missed one epic science fiction novel from ages ago. Jules Vernes surely did some mind blowing explanation of the earth’s moon at a time when human hadn’t even laid their footprint on moon.


Now back to our original discussion – how the earth would be without moon? Here’s how.

1. There will be no Tide


Moon has gravitation pull on the surface of sea water, and that causes the tides in the sea. If the moon is to simply disappear, there will not be any gravitational pull from a closer distance and the tides will stop. It will leave massive impact, because the sea life is dependent on the moving water for nutrients, movement and colonizing. Not just them, tides help humans travel across the sea, and what would the people in deserted islands eat if there’s no surviving ‘seafood’?

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2. Asteroids will hit earth more often


The moon keeps moving around the earth, and the gravitational pull is a protective feature as well. Whenever some giant asteroids are on earth’s way, the moon can take the first impact and we remain safe. But what if the moon itself goes away? Well, the larger than earth asteroids will directly hit earth and probably in no time, the earth will no more be seen as well. However, the situation may not get that serious, but we won’t live any better without the moon orbiting us.

3. Isn’t the climate bad enough?

Climate Change

Without earth’s natural orbiting satellite, the climate will have its worst mood swing. Earth will more likely have more debris dropping from the space, and also intergalactic collisions could take place which usually the moon takes for us. Not just that, the balance of earth’s orbit around the sun will have a massive shift. The gravitational pool between the earth and the moon are each other’s assistance in the whole rotation thingy, and once the moon is gone, earth will have a bad time coping up with the axis shift, and a haywire climate change.

4. Duration of Days will Change

Since the earth will not probably have to drag a moon and bulges caused by the oceans, it will now orbit faster around the sun and eventually result into shorter days. The calendar year length will change, day duration will change, your plans will change, and even you will age faster. That’s a ridiculous change to encounter during a human being’s living period.

5. Okay, here’s a good part

Apparently, everything about moon’s disappearance looks bad. However, we have found something interesting that you’d be able to observe while the moon takes its vacation. Without a large surface reflecting the sun’s light and scattering it into the space, the night sky will be ever more vibrant. Humans will be able to spectate more stars, galaxies and milkyways with bare eyes, and that can’t be a bad experience.

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Wrap Up

Apparently, if the moon ever vanishes, you won’t be alive to read this post. Because the mess up in the solar system will be so bad, that most living beings on the earth will not even live to witness what happens next. Until that happens, enjoy the moon!

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