How to Change / Correct Date of Birth (DOB) in Aadhaar Card Online

Sometime just because of typo mistake your DOB date, month and year can be incorrect. So, If you are wondering how to change or correct date of birth (DOB) in aadhaar card online then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss the various steps that you have to follow for Date of Birth update in Aadhaar card online.

The online option for changing/updating date of birth in aadhar card is now disabled. Now you have to visit nearest aadhar card center to change DOB in aadhaar.


– You need to have your Aadhaar number, registered mobile number (along with mobile), and scanned copy of valid date of birth proof that justifies your Aadhaar DOB correction.

– Open Aadhaar change or correction online portal by visiting the given link –

aadhar update

– You need to enter your aadhar number in the empty box just adjacent to the text ‘Enter your Aadhaar number:’

– Fill the ‘captcha’ text. Captcha is nothing but a program that distinguish human from machine input. There is a text mentioning ‘Text Verification (Required)’. See the alphanumeric number that is listed above that text and write the same in the empty box below that text. If the captcha is not clear you can press the refresh button just adjacent to captcha text.

– Now click on ‘Send OTP’ tab. It will send one time password to your registered mobile number.

– Enter the OTP that you have received on your registered mobile number at empty box adjacent to ‘Enter received OTP’ text. Now click on ‘login’tab. This will redirect you to Data Update Request Centre.

– Now you need to select field/s that you want to update/correct. In this case you have to select ‘DOB’ and click on ‘Submit’ tab.

aadhar update

– Now, enter the correct date of birth under Enter data for update tab and press ‘Submit update request’ tab.

– Check the DOB and click on declaration stating ‘I confirm that I have read the instructions carefully….’and click ‘Proceed’ tab.

– Now select the valid document that you are going to submit. Update that document. Maximum size of the document will be 2 MB and only .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .pdf and .tiff file types are allowed to upload. The document must be self-attested before uploading. Now click on ‘submit document’.

– After submitting the document you will receive URN Number. This is a unique reference number that you can use to check your Aadhaar update status after few days. Kindly note this number carefully or save it to your computer.

After a week or 10 days you can star tracking your Aadhaar DOB correction status online by visiting this link:

We hope this information helps you how to change, update, correct date of birth (DOB) in AadhaarCard Online.