How Do I Get Power of Attorney In UAE While Staying In India?

Are you currently in India but have business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has to be completed? A Power of Attorney is an excellent way to get things done while away, whether you need to sell your automobile, rent your home, or operate your business. If you’re wondering how to choose someone to carry out your obligations and certify your Power of Attorney for the UAE while in India, you’ve come to the right place. A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument that allows you to designate someone to serve as your legal representative and carry out specified activities on your behalf. The agent gains full or limited legal power over your vehicle, property, company, funds, or medical care.

What is Power of Attorney attestation?

Power of Attorney

The act of witnessing a certificate with their official seal and signature by authorized person/persons/Departments/authorities is known as the power of attorney attestation. This attestation also certifies that the stated department issued the indicated/certificate. To establish that the Power Of Attorney is genuine, it must have a seal and signature.

A Power of Attorney (POA) allows you to appoint a family member, spouse, friend, or professionals such as attorneys or accountants to make decisions in your absence, disability, or sickness. If you’re in India and want to create a Power of Attorney to use in the UAE, you’ll need to get it verified. A power of attorney must be attested by the appropriate Indian Ministries/Departments, the UAE Embassy/Consulate in India, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Procedure to create Power of Attorney in India for use in UAE

The following procedures can be used to create a Power of Attorney in India for usage in the UAE:

1. Drafting:

The first step is to have your POA prepared by professionals knowledgeable with UAE laws and procedures, as the POA will be utilized in the UAE at some point. This method will reduce the likelihood of a POA being rejected by government agencies at a later point, as well as saving you time and money. You may order your POA online and have it drafted in a few clicks using our service. We will email you a soft copy of your POA when we have finished preparing it, and then you may proceed with the following stages.

2. Executing a Power of Attorney:

The POA must be printed on appropriate-value stamp paper (this may vary from State to State). The grantor (person who grants the authority) should sign the prepared POA in front of two witnesses and have it notarized.

3. Affidavits from India’s relevant Ministries and Departments:

┬áThe POA must be attested by different government offices in the state where it was signed and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). When it comes to certifying a Personal POA vs a Commercial POA, there is a slight distinction. Document attestation is required from the nation where a power of attorney was drafted. The home country’s Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs shall certify the document. Depending on whether a POA is signed, the department or ministry’s role in attesting it may be transferred to or adopted by another government department or comparable ministry. However, this role is frequently delegated to a country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for stamping and sealing a POA.

4. UAE Embassy/Consulate Attestation:

The UAE Embassy/Consulate in India does the attestation. This attestation attests to the fact that Indian authorities correctly authorized the document. There will be an official sticker from the UAE Embassy.

5. Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE:

The document is fully validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There will be another official sticker from the UAE. Unless the next step applies, your POA will be ready and lawful to use once you complete this step.

6. Official translation of a power of attorney into Arabic:

The POA must be formally translated into Arabic once it has been stamped or sealed by the UAE Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs. A legal translator who has been certified and licenced by the UAE MOJ (Ministry of Justice) must do the translation. The ministry is in charge of the document’s text translation and the stamps and seals that were affixed to the POA.

7. Stamping by the Ministry of Justice:

The POA must have the stamp of the UAE Ministry/Department of Justice as the final stage in the legalization process, confirming that the translation was lawful and completed by a licensed translator. An agent will utilize the POA to exercise the authority granted by the POA once the ministry has affixed its stamp or seal on the legal instrument.

The attestation of a POA might take a long time. Depending on the language of the power of attorney and the backlog of the relevant ministries, it might take two to four weeks. It is recommended that you obtain the assistance of professionals to verify that you are following the POA’s legalization procedure appropriately. Experts frequently help our customers in getting POAs authorized across different ministries at Private Notary Dubai. Don’t hesitate to call Notary public Dubai team of attestation specialists immediately if you have any questions.

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