Marriage Certificate Attestation in the UAE

The marriage certificate is a document that is recorded and provided by a government agency to verify that the couple’s identity, the location of the marriage ceremony, the time of the marriage, and other data listed on the certificate are accurate and that the marriage is legal. A certificate’s attestation is required to be accepted as a legal document in the UAE for any purpose. The UAE requires the attestation of all certifications and papers. Certificates that haven’t been attested to aren’t regarded as valid. As a result, neither the government nor the business sector in the nation will accept it. A couple’s relationship is confirmed with a marriage certificate.

Marriage Certificate uae

What is the Attestation of Marriage Certificate, and why is it necessary in the UAE?

A marriage certificate is a government-issued official and legal document that certifies that two individuals have married.

It may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including when a spouse who is not a citizen of the country has to apply for residency.Marriage Certificate attestation is one of the several legitimization procedures that involves obtaining an associate attestation stamp from the UAE Embassy. It must be done from the country that provided the certificate. Marriage Certificate Attestation is completed to verify the authenticity of a document that is required in another country. The main component in proving the validity of a marriage is the attestation of the marriage certificate. For each process, the issuing authorities require specific papers.

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate Attestation

The attestation of a marriage certificate in the UAE begins in the certificate’s country of origin. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, it may become an uphill job. The documents needed to acquire an Attested Marriage Certificate might change from time to time. However, the following are some of the essential documents:

  1. Original certificate of marriage
  2. Passport photocopy
  3. Visa photocopy
  4. Passport size pictures
  5. Authorization letter for Astute to complete the attestation procedures
  6. Other documents as required.

Time Duration required for Marriage Certificate Attestation

The majority of the time, getting a Marriage Certificate certified takes 3-5 working days. There are two sorts of services available for obtaining a marriage certificate attested: standard and VIP. Applicants can select between the two services based on their preferences. Also, durations might vary depending on various factors, such as the applicant’s location in the UAE and which department is working on their case.

The Steps Involved in Obtaining an Attestation for a Marriage Certificate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

i. Document Translation —if necessary, an approved translation agency may be required to translate the marriage certificate.

ii. Public Notary Verification –The first step in getting a marriage certificate attestation in the UAE is to verify it by a public notary. An authorized public notary in the nation of origin will review and verify the marriage certificate. He or she will affix a seal to the document and sign it, indicating that it is genuine.

iii. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)/Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation – The Ministry of External Affairs, or MEA, is the name given to the foreign ministry of nations like India. For attestation by the MEA/ MOFA, the notarized marriage certificate must be presented along with the required application.

iv. Attestation by a UAE consulate or embassy in the country of origin –

The certificate will be examined and attested by a UAE consulate or embassy in the country of origin. In the home nation, this stage is the last. After authentication by the embassy/consulate, the marriage certificate might be submitted to the UAE, where the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs would attest it.

v. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the United Arab Emirates –

The marriage certificate must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the United Arab Emirates for attestation. It can be used for any purpose in the country after the MOFA has been certified.

Purpose of Attestation of Marriage Certificate

Due to their nature and the function they serve, marriage certificates are classified as non-educational/personal document.  Marriage attestation is needed for the following reasons:

  1. To find a companion
  2. To add the name of a spouse to a passport
  3. Taking wife to the hospital for labour and delivery
  4. To apply for a child’s passport
  5. Obtaining a family visa
  6. Application for Divorce
  7. Getting insurance for your spouse
  8. Application for a passport for a child
  9. Admission of a child to school

What is the Estimated Cost for Marriage Certificate Attestation?

The applicants must pay a fee for the attestation of their marriage certificate. The cost of having a marriage certificate certified varies depending on several criteria. The nation of issue, distance from the UAE, the language used in the marriage certificate, and the type of service applicants prefer—regular attestation service or urgent attestation service—are all considered. In addition, the nation in which the individual is required to utilize the certificate.

For visa requirements and other essential permissions from the authorities in the UAE, an authenticated marriage certificate must be provided. Since marriage certificate attestation in the UAE is a complicated process involving multiple offices and ministries in the home country and the UAE, ex-pats frequently entrust it to UAE visa attestation services. Hiring a reputable visa attestation agency in the UAE may be the best option for getting the attestation done promptly and without trouble. The trick is to choose a reliable attestation agency in your area.

For attestation of a marriage certificate or any other document in the UAE, Dubai court marriageis the best option. From anywhere globally, you may go for attestation of educational, non-educational, and commercial papers. Contact right away to discuss attestation of a marriage certificate or any other document for the UAE.

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