10 Underrated Pros of Buying Car Insurance Online

There could be various reasons to go for traditional ways for you to buy car insurance. Many millennials often have a trusted traditional insurer that provides them offline plans. Also, a person might not be at ease knowing that they have to buy car insurance online.

Knowing that, today, buying online has become relatively simple and buying car insurance online is no longer a big deal. The following points highlight the underrated pros for you to buy car insurance online.

Advantages to Buy Car Insurance Online

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1. Compare multiple insurance policies

Traditionally, getting car insurance requires tremendous efforts – visiting the insurance company or their insurance agent, calls, multiple personal visits and others. Then, a person will either buy that plan or repeat the same steps with another insurance provider or agent.

Can you imagine this? Comparing multiple plans, their features, quotes, and additional services offered by not one but multiple insurers is a hectic job. But, when you buy car insurance online,it takes physical comparison out of the equation.

One needs to just go on to any insurance platform or website, utilise their various free comparison tools and get the car insurance best suited for you.

2. Best deals at your fingertips

Today, various car insurance plans with similar features and services are up in the market with different insurance quotes. When comparing car insurance policies online, you compare the quotes for different insurance policies and then choose the best one for you.

 The important thing to keep in mind is that you must compare similar types of policies only.

3. Zero paperwork

When you buy car insurance online, you need to answer simple questions about your car and yourself. Based on your answers, you will be suggested coverages, and you can choose to buy the right insurance for your car.

If you want to renew your insurance or if you plan to buy a new policy, then you can buy your car insurance without the hassles of any paperwork, i.e., zero paperwork when you buy car insurance online.

4. Buy at your convenience

With boosts in digitisation, one can practically get their car insurance at any time and literally from anywhere. You can buy car insurance online from your home even at 2 in the morning, and you still get a seamless experience.

Buying car insurance online is more convenient than the traditional methods.

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5. Experience the speed of “e-policy”

Getting insurance the traditional way needs time, as discussed before. While buying a policy online will give you a chance to get policies instantly. As discussed, you only have to answer basic questions, and if your documents are up-to-date, you can receive the insurance policy immediately.

6. Check the credibility of various insurers

While buying insurance for your used car, one must be aware of the credibility of the insurance company. This can be easily done with the help of genuine reviews left by other customers on social media and various insurance aggregator websites.

This ensures a seamless process during the claim process. If you opt for an insurer with high lag time or poor offerings, you will not have a successful insurance buying experience, in spite of the premium payments you might have made to get your car insured.

7. Authentic insurance policies

When you choose to buy car insurance online, you can get your hands on some authentic policies, given that you buy these from a reputable insurance company.

Car insurance providers have to get their plans authenticated before selling them in the market to potential customers. In order to get their products or policies authenticated, they need to go through the processes mandated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

Contrary to the beliefs of many, these processes for online policies are similar to that of their offline counterparts, thus making the online car insurance policies equally authentic.

8. No need for expert agents

The only time you, as a customer, need to visit the insurance agents is when you have zero knowledge regarding the policies offered, jargon used and what suits you the best based on individual needs.

Although, when you buy car insurance online, you have the internet of information just a click of a button away. You can easily use the web to get the know-how of any of the jargon used on the insurance companies website, all online. This practically removes the need for an agent.

9. Soft copy of all essential policy documents

As soon as you buy car insurance online,all the details regarding your policy are mailed to your registered email ID. There’s zero chance of you misplacing any of your important policy documents.

When you need them in the future for, say, renewing the policy, all the information is readily available in a click, and you no longer have to take care of physical copies of your documents.

It’s important to note that it becomes essential to keep all the documents safely on your computer’s hard disk and keep your system password protected.

10. Online policy endorsements

When you buy car insurance online, you need to provide your self-declaration and any changes made in the details to your insurer to get your policy endorsed. Compared to the offline process, this is much faster, efficient and simple.


Always remember to keep these points in mind when you buy car insurance online. Read the terms and conditions before making any final decision regarding your car insurance.

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