10 Interesting Facts about Sunderbans

Sunderbans, a place located in the region of Southern Bangladesh and the southern part of West Bengal, the name Sunderbans itself has immense important for the entire world. Be it the preservation of the Royal Bengal Tiger or the presence of dangerous reptiles, Sunderbans has seen it all during these years. The black waters are one thing to quite fascinating about the Sunderbans. People always wonder about the amazing and dark things that occur behind the thick mangroves of the Sunderbans. Sailing through the dense and thick forests is something not everyone can dare in the Sunderbans. It has some interesting facts that Sunderbans hold within itself.

The most interesting facts about Sunderbans are listed as under:

Sunderbans, West Bengal

10. Presence of Phytoplanktons

Sunderbans is surrounded with the black waters from all sides. It has wide presence of phytoplanktons in it. The phytoplanktons are those small organisms which are known to reflect light in the new moon dark night. The entire Sunderbans glow because of the light of the phytoplanktons and it really can look just out of the world. If you dare to have a night ride in the dark Sunderbans, you are sure to get a glimpse of the tiny Phytolanktons shining bright in the moonlight.

9. Title of Widow Village

The Sunderbans are also renamed as the Widow Village. The Sunderbans got that title because of the presence of many tigers in the place. Many families living near the Sunderbans have been attacked by these man eating tigers and many have lost their husbands which went on to give Sunderbans the title of Window Village. Some families still live near to Sunderbans because of their occupations in it.

8. Population of Sunderbans

Sunderbans is not such an easily accessible area and it takes many days to reach the black waters of Sunderbans. But, even then, it has not stopped people from living in the Sunderbans. The population of Sunderbans is estimated to be around 3 times the population density of India. People work in the nearby areas and they are also getting their essential requirements from the Sunderbans which help them to reside in the area.

7. The land of Gosaba

Gosaba is considered as the largest and the biggest in habitated land in the Sunderbans. It covers at least 40 percent of the Indian part of the Sunderbans. Gosaba starts right from where the dense forests start. The most amazing thing about Gosaba is that it is densely populated that it has its own government officials, schools, hospitals, Panchayats, and people are living a dignified life.

6. Tidal phenomenon of Sunderbans

Sunderbans experience tidal phenomenon twice in a day, mostly in the mornings and one at night. The high rides can be dangerous at times because they can rise up to 6 to 10 feet high which can damage some parts of Sunderbans during heavy rains. During the low tides, one can experience flat mud lying near the shores which are carried with the waves. The high tides also help the boats to move about easily and if you are planning to see the wildlife of Sunderbans, then you can get into a boat and explore it during high tides which can be really adventurous.

5. The name of Sundari

Sunderbans have also been as Sundari which means beautiful! Sunderbans is actually beautiful in its literal meaning. Sundari is named after a mangrove in Sunderbans. Nature has bestowed its magic in God’s land and thousands of visitors come to this place just to see the spectacular view that this place has to provide.

4. The existence of Royal Bengal Tigers

Royal Bengal Tigers are preserved in the Sunderbans and it has the highest number of tigers in it. The Royal Bengal tigers are getting extinct day by day and only Sunderbans are able to preserve them to a great extent. The ever green delta forests of the Sunderbans can give you an eerie feeling of the presence of wild animals near you. Many people go for sailing in these mangroves and they try to feel these wild animals near them. The wildlife safari is done in boats and ferries by the adventurers which is not available in any other wildlife safari in India.

3. Method of transportation

Sunderbans can be reached only with the help of the water ways. People go in ferries and boats to reach Sunderbans. The fare of the boats is just Rs. 6 which is the cheapest that you will ever find. The boat ride is of 2 hours till you reach Sunderbans. Travelling in ferries has always been so exciting. Because of the backward land, the price becomes cheap.

2. Presence of 102 islands

The entire area of Sunderbans consists of 102 islands spread over 4000 ft of land. Among these 102 islands, people inhabit in 54 of these islands. The other islands are totally covered with thick and dense forests where living is impossible. India holds 40 percent of the Sunderbans and the rest of the land is present in the state of Bangladesh.

1. Largest mangrove forests

Because of the presence of the large salty coasts, the Sunderbans are a home to the largest mangrove forests in the world. The waters are spread in the whole of Sunderbans.

These are the top most interesting facts about Sunderbans. If you are adventurous, then a visit to the Sunderbans will fill your heart with thrill and amazement.