Bhulekh Bihar Apna Khata Online Khasra Khatauni Khatiyan Details

Just like other states, Bihar also has a website for Department of Revenue and Land Reforms (अपना खाता). The website offers many services to the people in relation to the land-related query. The website lets you check the status of mutation and put in an application for many other services. If in case, you want to check your land records or if you are planning to purchase a land, then you can check the land records of a particular property with help of the website of Department of Revenue and Land Reforms.

We have listed the process for the same so that you do not have to visit the government offices to check the records and you can check the records online. Follow the online process listed below to check the information.

Online Process

-: To start checking the details of land records, you can visit


-: On this page, you will notice an option for Search Your Land (अपना खाता देखें ) on top of the page and you need to click on that button. If you do not find the link then you can also navigate to

-: Now you will see the map of Bihar state with all the districts names.

bihar apna khata

-: Click on your related district for details. For Example I clicked on Sitamarhi.


-: Now Click on any Mauja’s name that comes under your district.

bihar khesra number

-: Now, select your related details and filled the required information like Khasra or account number. Once that is done, click on Search Khata Button.

-: This will now display all the details of your Khata and the best part is that you can also print the data for yourself.


The website is certainly a blessing for people and they can not only check the details of the land but they can also check land transfer orders, land acquisition notice, allotment order and other such reports for their reference. The website also lets you file RTI in this relationship and the link for RTI is also listed on the website.

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