10 Interesting Facts about Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple, located in the heart of the Capital of India is a work of splendid and intricate architecture in the world which can’t be beaten. The Lotus Temple is also known as the Bahai Place of Worship and completely made of pure white marble to resemble peace and serenity in the region. The flower like structure represents the dome which is the attraction point for all the visitors who come here every year. Various cultures of people from different parts of the world come here just to study or research about this extraordinary place. There is no deity in the piers but people just come here to get mesmerized by its beauty. People are not allowed to talk inside the temple.

The Lotus temple holds within itself many interesting facts, some of which are listed as under:

Lotus Temple

10. Construction of the temple

Ardishir Rustampur of Hyderabad was the man behind the construction of the Lotus Temple as he gave away all his life savings for the formation of this temple. Flint and Neil, a UK based firm gave the structure and idea of this temple. Lotus Temple runs on solar power and the Information centre in the temple provides all details of its architecture and making. The library and audio visual rooms are kept for the visitors to read the religious books.

9. No statue or image of any deity or idol

The Bahai scriptures portray that the Bahai Lotus Temple cannot have any images or statues of idols situated inside. The Bahai temples are known to have the wide circular domes present in them and the Lotus Temple in Delhi is one of the seven places of worship located in the world. The structure of the Lotus temple is a nine structured one which is one of the important things to the Bahai.

8. No performance of rituals

The Bahai believe that God is One and all the religions come down to the same God each and every time. This is the sole beliefs which don’t allow rituals to be performed inside the Lotus Temple. Caste and faith of any person can enter the Lotus Temple and they can ask for any wish that they want; there is not boundary for any. There is strict restriction of playing any musical instrument inside the temple. The temple should be kept silent at all times and no one is allowed to murmur or speak inside the Lotus Temple.

7. The surrounding of the temple

The Lotus Temple was completed in the year 1863 and there are 27 marble petals from which there are nine sides to get inside the temple. The centre hall for prayers has a capacity of 2500 people and it is vast and wide. The centre of the hall is 40 feet tall with interiors so beautifully done. The Lotus temple has an entrance which is delightful to watch with the gardens and ponds welcoming visitors to this auspicious place. Music is an essential part of the Lotus Temple which shows the beauty of the place.

6. Chanting of the holy scriptures

The Bahais have a greater love for God and they don’t segregate love in any forms or considerations. The Holy Scriptures of the Bahai Language can be said or chanted in any language inside the temple. It does not have to be said in the language of the Bahai because they believe that all languages are same and God can listen to every kind of chant being said to him. Music can be played in choirs inside the temple in sync with the chants.

5. Use of marbles and interiors

The interiors of the Lotus Temple are so intriguing and delicate with the precast ribbed roof on top of the spellbound cast. Around 10,000 different sizes of marbles are used in the construction of the Lotus Temple. The architecture in itself is so grand and royal that visitors can’t stay without getting a view of the Lotus Temple.

4. No formal functions inside

The Bahai Worship does not allow any sermons to perform inside the Lotus Temple. There is no place for any kind of formal functions inside the temple because celebration of just one kid of function is considered as inappropriate by the Bahai religion.

3. Formation of another temple

The design and caricature of the Lotus Temple have been made in the state of Sikkim which believes in the worship of the Hindu Lord, Shiva. The temple in Sikkim has been tried in the same way as the Lotus Temple but nothing can beat the laurels of the Lotus Temple.

2. Number of visitors

The Lotus Temple is not left alone in any case and there are always thousands of visitors that visit this place every day. People feel kind of calm and serene when they come to this religious place. People surely forget all their tensions and worries in this place. The number of visitors each day is around 10,000, the largest temple ever visited.

1. Featured in the stamps

Post offices use stamps in their daily routine to send goods from one place to another. The picture of the Lotus Temple can appear in the stamps for Rs. 6.50 and some people are interested in purchasing of these stamps that have a hobby of collection.

These are some of the facts that one needs to know about the Lotus Temple. The beauty and grandeur is what enraptures people to come here.