10 Facts About SAARC Summit

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is known by one and all. But, there are many facts related to the SAARC Summit that it still unknown to people. In the beginning, there were only 7 countries that were a part of the Summit. But, in the later years, Bangladesh became a part of the Summit. Now, the debatable question is whether China should be included in the SAARC summit or not. Many discussions have been made in the forum taking people’s decision of including China in the summit. But, a reasonable decision has not been made yet. People are always curious to know about interesting facts related to SAARC Summit.

Some of the interesting facts are listed as under:

SAARC Summit

1. Member states in SAARC Summit

Not all countries in the Asian region get a chance to be in the SAARC summit. The main countries included in the summit are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. These countries take active participation in the summit and they also present their thoughts and views to bring changes in the economy and development of their respective countries and all that they are doing at the present time.

2. Observer countries of the Summit

Apart from the main member countries, there are also observer countries of the summit who have not attained the position of being the main member state of the Summit. These states are Australia, China, European Union, Iran, Japan, Mauritius, Burma, South Korea and United States. Their participation is not of much importance but, they do give their reviews about making the summit stronger and to look after the needs of the countries who are present in the panel of the main member countries.

3. Establishment

There was a need to establish a summit where the main countries can have a round table conference and discuss their issues and solutions to those issues. This is the reason that SAARC came into establishment on 8th December, 1985. From then on, it has become easy to know about the problems that a particular country is facing in terms of money and also employment. Solutions are also brought forward so that the countries can do something in this regard.

4. Time when the summit should be held

The SAARC summit is not needed to be held frequently. For this reason, it has been decided by the member states that the summit should be held at least once in a year. One summit is a must. More than one summit can be held depending on the amount of issues that is in store. The Summit should be held as and when it becomes necessary to discuss issues. Sometimes there might be some urgent discussions that needs to be taken place and in that regard, the Summit might be held suddenly and all the member states have to participate in it.

5. Head office

There was much debate about where the SAARC head office should be located. After much discussions, it was made clear that the head office would be located in Nepal as it is the prime centre and it is easy to travel to Nepal. A permanent administrative office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal and this is the office from where all the discussions take place and the orders are passed from the main office only.

6. Council of Ministers in SAARC

Many provisions have been made about the Council of Members in SAARC Summit. One of the provision of the Summit regarding the members is that, the Ministry of External Affairs will be included in the Council of Members in the Summit. In this way only, the Members will be able to deal with the international countries and they will be able to hear their problems and give solutions in their language. Each country have their own Council of External Affairs and they will be allowed to participate in it.

7. Duty of SAARC Summit

There are many reasons for the establishment of the SAARC Summit. It basically focuses on the review of policies and formulation of the same. All progress in the countries are taken a special note of in the Summit. Establishment of Additional Mechanism also takes place and if any improvement is needed in new areas, then those decisions are taken in the Summit. Any other decision related to general issues regarding the Association are taken in the SAARC summit.

8. Number of summits held

The SAARC Summit have been held a number of times till date for the progress and development of the countries. The First SAARC Summit was held in Bangladesh in the year 1985 on 7th and 8th December. The second Summit was held In India itself in the state of Bangalore in 1986. Sixteen Summits have been recorded till date and these summits have been held for specific purposes and to solve all the issues. The association of the member states have turned out to be successful in all ways.

9. Charter of SAARC

Different charters have been formed in the SAARC so that distinction can be made in a proper way. Four sections in the Charter have been made in the SAARC and every charter cater to their own unique and special needs.

10. Idea of SAARC

The first idea to establish SAARC was made in the year 1980 and the main Summit was held in the year 1985 and from then on, this summit has been held every year.

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These are some interesting facts! SAARC Summit have been established for the good!

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