Top 10 English Speaking Countries in The World

English is the native language in many countries and it is totally spoken by the residents of those countries. English language has a lot of influence on the people and all people are required to speak English at least once in their lives. Those who know how to speak English have better chances of going higher in their careers. Around 52 million people in the world speak English, which makes it an important language. Philippines is the fourth largest country in the world who speak English. Many people come here only to learn English so that they can have a better life style and standard of living.

Some of the top English speaking countries in the world are listed as under:

10. Australia

About 97% of the population speak English in Australia.  21, 394,309 people are known to speak English. All of the billboards in the country are written in English and the road plates are written in English for everyone to understand. Australia is that place where many people are involved in business and trade and they do business in English. Curriculums in schools are in English and students get accustomed to this language. People speak in French as well but not in schools.

9. France

39 percent  of the population speak English in France. Every trade, education and government in France makes use of the English language. People here must have mastery in the English language if they need a government job in France in banking or any other sector. 24% of the companies need English language as their basic and people who graduate with higher levels of proficiency in English have chances of getting better private jobs. English is necessary in France and people keep on speaking the language just to get a grip on it.

8. Canada

Canada is the home to about 85.63 percent population who speak English and in all schools. English is treated as the first language. The approximate number is 33,121,175. Canada does also have a large number of French population but even they are keener on learning English and excelling in their lives. All of the subjects are taught in English and it is a rule made by the Government of Canada that the children must be taught all subjects in English so that they can go out and compete with the rest of the world.

7. Germany

People think that Germany is a country where people speak German but the case is not that at all. 80,600,000 people in Germany speak English and they use it as their first language. It is easy to learn German but the tough part is in learning English and so, people learn English so that they get well equipped with it. English is used in trade, commerce and in all other fields of education.

6. United Kingdom

UK is the origination of English language if it dates back to history. About 97.74 percent of population in Britain speak in English, which makes up to 64, 00,000. In addition, English is used in every field regarding politics, law, trade, military and important government decisions. The pronunciation and accent of the people are in the actual way and people of this country find English as part of their culture and tradition. Most people in UK are mainstreamed towards English and kids are taught the language of English right from the time they learn how to talk.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria has 53.34 percent of population speaking English. About 156,493,000 people of Nigeria speak English and they use it as their first language. They speak it in their homes or when they have to deal with any kind of dealings and it is used as the most developed language. Scientific and engineering courses are totally studied in Nigeria and it becomes an important part to study so. It is used as official language and in all government transactions.

4. The Philippines

About 100,437,852 people in Philippines use English as their first language which makes up to 92.58 percent of population.  The period of colonialisation brought English to the main front of Philippines and it is now used in schools and education. Every government cultural and social events find the use of English language to address people in the best way. People use it in media, business, and trade and for all other commercial purposes. The people of here speak fluent English because of their regular practice.

3. Pakistan

Pakistan has 188,400,100 people speaking English but the differentiation of pronunciation can be found in speaking the English language. About 49% of the people living in Pakistan are able to read and write English and it is taught in schools and used as a medium of instruction. Business and law are done totally in the English language.

2. India

India has 12.18 percent population and 1,028,737,436 people speaking English. India is considered as a business hub and because of this reason; the communication is done in the English language. English is used as a default language in all business and administrative purposes. Hindi is the official language of India but English is used as the second language in India. Many people in India speak English.

1. United States

US is totally driven by the English language and over 316,823,000 people speak English here which makes up to 95.81 percent of population.  All things are done in English including law, media, business, administration, politics, etc. America is filled with people from different parts of the world and so, it is a linguistic country with English being spoken by everyone.

These are the top Countries that Have the Most English Speakers in the world! Watch out for them.