10 Interesting Facts About Himachal Pradesh

Hima is a Sanskrit word that implies snow and the term “Pradesh” implies area. So, Himachal Pradesh is considered to be the land of snow. This state is enclosed by the regal Himalayas, breathtaking lakes, lush green forests, and towering mountains, that make Himachal Pradesh a paradise for all backpackers. In addition to being a top tourist destination of India, this beautiful state has several spectacular to steal the heart of every visitor.

Some of the picturesque lakes and scenic beauties that this adorable state is blessed with are Chandra Taal Lake, Bhrigu Lake, Prashar Lake, Nako Lake, and Manimahesh Lake. These are a few types of lakes that are worthy of visiting at least once in the lifetime.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visited states from all over the world. Not just Indians, but foreigners from different countries also come to witness the splendor of this snow-clad Himalayan range.

You will surely be mesmerized by looking at the lush green plain areas that stretch to the huge ranges of the mountain peak. Each and every region of Himachal Pradesh covers its own distinctiveness and reveals new secrecies as we step along.

The tranquility felt on reaching the higher altitudes of the mountain peaks leaves you awestruck. This similar feeling you get when you become the spectator of the vast plains covered in greenery.

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

If you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh, then these fascinating facts are definitely going to leave you spellbound.

1. Enjoy An Interesting ride on Toy Train

Himachal Pradesh is popular for its adventurous toy trains that were built in the 19th century. The Kalka Shimla Express has a length of approx. 96.6 kilometers. It has a long, and single rail link. Himachal Pradesh also has to its credit the highest multiple-arc bridge in the world. The Kalka Shimla Railway also has been recognized for the longest tunnel in the world.

2. The Energy Capital Of India

Himachal Pradesh is known to be the power capital of India. It has several big hydroelectric power production plants that make it popular in the country for the generation of surplus energy. Himachal Pradesh is also considered to consist of nearly 25% of the total national potential in energy production. The yearly energy production of Himachal Pradesh is estimated to be around 27,436 MW.

3. The Indian Fruit Bowl

This is another interesting fact about Himachal Pradesh. After J&K, Himachal Pradesh is regarded as the 2nd largest state in India to produce delicious apples. The cultivation of apple was started by the U.S. missionary “Satyanand Stokes” in Kotgarh.

Along with apples, this state produces several other types of fruits such as cherries, peaches, plums, and kiwis in abundance. Besides fruits, you would also get to enjoy dry fruits like chilgoza, pine nuts, and hazelnuts.

4. The Village Considered As a Taboo!

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that there is a place in Himachal Pradesh named “Malana” that has a small hidden and unexplored village. It has got the reputation of being called as ‘The Village of Taboos.’

There is a strange and strict rule that has to be followed by every visitor who visits this place. The rule is that they are not allowed to touch any wall of the village and belonging of the local residents. This entire village is infamousto be a ‘weed-tourist destination’. It has won the designation of the ‘Best Hashish’ at “High Times magazine Cannabis Cup” in the year 1994 as well as 1996.

5. A Wildlife Treasure

If you have an interest in wildlife sanctuaries, then this is one fact that is going to amaze you. Himachal Pradesh has got thirty-three Wildlife Sanctuaries. You must definitely visit these wildlife sanctuaries in your trip to this state.

There are two adventurous national parks, out of which “The Himalayan National Park” is acknowledged by UNESCO as the “World Heritage Site”. This national park is home ground to nearly 30 plus mammals, 370 fauna species, 9 amphibians, and 180 birds.

6. Kullu Dussehra

The Dussehra festival is the popular Hindu festival celebrated in India. When Dussehra ends everywhere in the nation, Kullu Dussehra begins in Himachal Pradesh. It is a seven-day festival, that entices tourists from all the different parts of the world.

7. The ‘Mini Israel!’

Kasol is a small villagelocated in the “Kullu” district of the state. It is called “Small Israel.” As most of the people who visit Himachal Pradesh belong from Israel, here you will find shops and boards in the “Hebrew” language. This is not limited to this much. Even the food, goods and clothes that you find in this village gives you a feel of living in Israel.

8. Land Of Gods

Himachal Pradesh is known popularly as “Dev Bhoomi” as it is mentioned in several ancient holy texts. It is an important worship center and also a place for several historic temples. The “Manimahesh Kailash peak” is supposed to be the house of Lord Shiva.

9. Smoke-Free State

This is another very amazing fact about Himachal Pradesh. It is the first state to be declared as a smoke-free state in India as of July 2, 2013.

10. Engage in a plethora of adventurous activities

To visit this mesmerizing place is the dream of every person. With plunging rivers and panoramic snow-clad mountain peaks, Himachal Pradesh becomes the adventure playground of India.

Himachal Pradesh is quickly becoming a famous destination for sports and adventure lovers in India. From ice skating, fishing, paragliding, skiing, to rafting, horse riding, and trekking. Name it, and you will find that this snow-capped river valley provides everything to boost your adrenaline rush!

With mind-blowing plunging river basins and snowy peaks, beautiful Himachal Pradesh is one of the best outdoor adventure playgrounds in the world. Several incredible weekend getaway spots and snowy hikes make this chilly state adorable and admired by the entire nation.

Hope by learning about all the interesting facts about Himachal Pradesh, it must have spiked your excitement and enthusiasm to visit this city soon.

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