Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Some people say it an idiot box, while others find it as an informative source. Let us know what television is. It is a technological device that serves as a visual tool to deliver information and entertainment. A television operates on various different wavelengths for a particular channel.

It provides a wide range of packages such as news, movies, animated and music content. Television is an incredible discovery of modern science. It has its own share of pros and cons. Learning about them would help you understand the right way to use it.

Advantages of Television

1. Information on your tips

Television is one of the fastest ways to stay updated about current social, political, and economic affairs of the world. It is simple to get access to any kind of information from any nook and corner of the world.

2. Variety of entertainment

There are so many channels provided to users, that provides you different types of information. There are separate channels based on the liking of people such as news, sports, entertainment, soap opera, cartoons, cooking, spiritual, regional etc.

3. Affordable

There are some channels that are free to air, while others require to be subscribed. They are paid in the form of a premium. National channels are free to watch and offer a lot of information on the areas of sports, news, music, entertainment, etc.

4. Learn moral lessons

There are several kid’s fun channels that serve as a good source to watch moral stories. With these channels, your kids can easily inculcate good manners and traits such as hospitality, service, kindness, and other things in a fun way.

5. A good way to pass the time

Television is a good means to spend time for most of the people like housewives and elderly people who remain at home. They spend their time learning several good things and honing their skills such as watching cooking shows to learn and enhance their cooking abilities.

6. Easy shopping

There are several teleshopping channels that provide amazing bargain deals and offers. Shopping at these stores would home deliver your purchased item. This saves a lot of time and money and also offer exemplary comfort to people.

7. Stay in trend

There are several modelings shows and related channels that equips you with all the running fashion trends. You can learn and follow these latest trends and stay stylish.

8. Watch movies in a cost-effective way

Most of the people find movies as their best time pass. Going to a movie theatre every weekend can burn a big hole in your pocket. Television offers you various movie channels that you can enjoy at home with your family at a very nominal charge.

9. Develop a strong character with spirituality

Spirituality is the essence of life. There are various spiritual channels that help you learn about your mind, body, and soul.

10. Learn all about the stock exchange

A lot of people invest in the stock market. If you are among them, then you will definitely get benefitted by watching channels that offer the current state of the stock market, hot selling funds, poor performing stocks, investment tips, and tricks as well as prediction of the market in the coming years.

Disadvantage of Television

Television is not all good. Many people do not view it as good as it seems to be. According to them, television can even cause a lot of disturbance in life.

1. Tires your eyes

Watching television screen for too long, in a room that is not properly lit, without blinking your eyes, and from a closer distance can prove fatal for your eyes. You would soon feel that your eyes are getting tired.

This happens because of the strong and harmful blue light that emits out of it. That is the reason, that children who have a habit of watching cartoon etc. channels from an early age get spectacles quite early in their life.

2. Makes noise

Yes, noise is another major drawback caused by watching television. Television creates a lot of sounds that can disturb your mental peace. It can make your mind cluttered with those high pitch sounds.

3. Indecency

Most of the people have this major complaint against television. There are several channels that show indecent and inappropriate content that are not right for their children. Watching these channels can have a bad impact on their kids. So, in this sense television is again bad for people.

4. Sacrifice sleep

People who are crazy about watching their favorite shows can do anything just to watch it. One of the things they do is to deprive themselves of sleep.  This ultimately does harm to their body and changes the body cycle for the bad. A proper sleep of eight hours is essential for the body and taking anything less than this time just to watch your shows is not good for health.

5. No social interaction

Due to the television channel, people are seen mostly confined to their home. They take pleasure in watching sports on the TV rather than actually playing it. A social gathering is no more seen due to an increased fondness for television.

6. Negatively inspire people

You can find in several advertisements that your favorite actors are smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. The youngster who perceive them as their role model gets negatively inspired by such ads and get motivated to consume these harmful substances.

7. Causes distraction

A lot of watching television can easily distract us from the true purpose in life.

8. The temptation to buy unnecessary things

Often it has been seen that people get attracted towards buying unnecessary items from teleshopping channels.

9. A time waster

Watching television for a prolonged period of time results in wastage of precious time and prevents us from making creative use of our time.

10. Corrupts kids thinking

Some of the content present on the television can harm the noble morals in kids.

Learn the right way of using television and you will find that the advantages of television are greater than the drawbacks it causes to a person. When used in a responsible way, there is really no dearth to the benefit that it adds to your life.

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