13 Best Quotes About Leo Woman

When someone speaks about Zodiac, everyone knows for a fact that Leo is indeed, the queen of Zodiac. Represented by the symbol of the lion, it is safe to say that the symbol itself gives away the powerful vibes of this zodiac. Think about the Leo women who are actually lioness at the heart and rules the world with her sassiness. A Leo woman is someone who you would not want to mess with because she will, indeed, come for you.

But again, one does not need to be afraid of a Leo woman’s undefinable inner strength because as much hardcore as she looks like on the outside, as much is she shot hearted on the inside. A Leo Woman falls for sweetness and respect, therefore, as long as you are being sweet, nice and honest with her there is absolutely nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

There are valid reasons why a Leo woman is called the queen of the zodiac, she is fierce, a born hunter, elegant, beautiful and most of all she is proud of herself. You can take anything or everything from a Leo woman but not her self-respect and her pride.

When you are in a crowd full of people,I guarantee you that a Leo woman is most differential of all. Her 80:20 ratio of aggressive and passive personality will be shining bright with a sparkle of her pride. Although she has a dominant character in her, yet she gives in all her efforts and be carried away for the people that she loves and cares for. Make sure that you look for the woman with an edge of style in herself and also identifiable poise. Learn more about her from the quotes given below:

1. A Leo woman is the best to cuddle with. They are extremely playful and affectionate.

2. Leo women are powerful and beautiful. An amazing combination.

3. Leo can never hide when they like or are smitten by someone … Yea, they just can’t.

4. Leo women are never the type to sell themselves short. If they have a dream and trust and believe they will make it come true.

5. Underneath their strong, independent exterior, Leo loves romance and being swept off their feet.

6. A Leo rarely falls in love deeply, but when they do, holy shit there is a lot of lovin’!

7. Leo women are extremely understanding and respect honesty.

8. Leos are the TOTAL package.

9. A Leo woman who wants to be alone on purpose is perfectly fine doing so. She takes care of herself when she is alone, and get away from the stress and drama which has been holding her down. However, this wants to be alone cannot last too much longer for they love solidarity as much as socializing. In fact, it could make them cranky if left alone for too long because they become fearful. A Leo woman needs pure adoration and romance in life.

10. A Leo woman’s love interest is someone who will truly cherish and appreciate them as they do their partner in a relationship. They are one of the most charismatic people around but they have a soft spot for those brave and confident enough to make the first move. Someone fun, affectionate, optimistic and loyal will often be able to pull at their heartstrings. Dispassionate, boring and painfully shy characteristics are chemistry killers.

11. If a Leo woman loves you, she will not let you go. you will regret it if you did.

12. A Leo woman believes in the fact that she loves being single for she will always be there for herself when no one else will be.

13. A Leo woman is extremely warm-hearted, loving, generous, attentive and sympathetic. Far better suited for mental labor rather than manual labor. She inspires hope to all who come in contact with them. She is independent and resent being commanded at any cost. A Leo woman has a keen sense of judgment and rise well to the challenge of leadership roles but can seem total bossy. She can adapt themselves readily to a wider range of circumstances than a woman of any other sign. A Leo woman is extremely fond of luxury, warmth and easy.

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