14 Best Quotes About Virgo Woman

Not every woman has the dominant nerve in her, neither can every woman be an outrageous extrovert. Yet a woman can be most beautiful and desirable both at the same time. Don’t you believe this? Well, you have got to believe for a Virgo woman is not a socialite person hut on all other aspects, she is a total loss of her own and of the world. It is only safe to say that a Virgo woman is the most emotionally disciplined and sorted woman there ever is. Most often people take her soft and subtle nature for granted, but she has her own ways of getting back at you just like a bee sting.

Beware when you get into a debate with her because she will make sure that you taste her sense of battle with her political skills and updated current affairs of the world and those who live around her.

You Can easily identify a Virgo woman in a crowd full of people because where she is most comfortable, she will be a chatterbox which is hard to shut down.

This woman is as humble as we define someone savage, and so, I believe that one can never get enough of a Virgo woman. But if you want to know enough about her, read these famous quotes given below.

1. If she seems a little distracted, no need to worry. She’s possibly thinking dreamy thoughts about YOU!

2. Virgo females are beautiful, physically and spiritually, and make great life partners.

3. You may think a Virgo is being really mean, but that is just how they are. They criticize out of love, not hate.

4. Virgo will organize your home, your life, your mind. They create harmony out of disorder.

5. People can call you crazy, but you always know what you’re talking about. Everything about you is real.

6. Don’t let the Virgo symbol fool you. Virgo has one of the strongest sex drives of the zodiac.

7.Virgos are always thinking of little ways to put a smile on your face, even if it is just a text letting you know how much they miss you.

8. Once Virgo finds true love, they are faithful to the core.

9. A Virgo Woman is a born soldier, she is capable of holding her own self; she doesn’t tell too much about her personal life, only a selected few get that information; she is determined and will always do what needs to be done; she has a hard time accepting her wrongs but it ultimately makes her better; she is easily annoyed; she will love with all her heart if it is genuine; she can smell bullsh*t from far away.

10. Don’t let the virgin symbol fool you. A Virgo woman has one of the strongest sex drives of the zodiac.

11. A Virgo Woman Chases 2 things: her dreams and wealth. She will never chase a man. She may want you but she will be okay without you because she doesn’t need you. She likes to be courted. She needs to feel a sense of purity and sweetness in order to make love, even if she doesn’t love you. She is a clean freak. If you don’t appreciate her, she will leave not because she wants to but because she has to. She knows her worth. If a Virgo woman loses interests in you it is hard to get her back. She is very logical and is usually always right. She is naturally nurturing and will hold you down until you betray her. Then she will be as cold as the north pole. She is honest and most compatible with a Scorpio, and cancer man.

12. People take advantage of a Virgo woman because they stay by your side when everyone leaves but careful, they won’t put up with your shit forever.

13. A Virgo woman needs a man who is perfect. Short of that, he must be charming, sensitive, exceedingly industrious, honest and capable. She enjoys a man who is the mirror image of herself, except he must have more flair, humor, and spontaneity. These are qualities she admires and often lacks.

14. Virgo woman stays silent a lot of the time because they know their words can cut like the knife.

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