Top 10 Greatest Indian Warriors in India’s History

India is the lucky land having brave and strong warriors who made history because of their bravery. They can’t forget their brave, powerful and dynamic worriers. They had amazing plans, administrations and ruling tactics that wrote their name in the history with golden shade. They save their nation and people from dangers so they will be remembered by Indians and also by world for their amazing work. We will look upon the top ten of them who will remain greatest now and forever.


He was the great ruler, warrior of Tamil Chola dynasty. He had the amazing administrative tactics. His empires conquered the Coast of Burma, Andaman, Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Maldives and Pegues Islands. He had the most powerful dynasty.



He was the third generation of Mughal Empire. He was also a great warrior and ruler. When he was ruler all the northern and central India came under his ruling power. He innovated many military tactics and later on they were adapted by many kings and warriors. His tactics of war is written in many history books.


Sher Shah Suri also known as Farid khan and Sher khan. He was the founder of Sur Empire in India. He was the one who took over the control from Mughals. He was the most powerful army general in history. He killed a tiger without a weapon in the forest of Bihar and for this powerful act he was very famous.


Maharana Sangram Singh known as RANA SANGA was Rajput ruler and a great warrior. He got many victories because of his different strategies. He conquered the fort of Ranthambore.


He was the great warrior who united the different states of India into one. He was great ruler and brave warrior that nobody like him will born on the land of India. Greek and Latin’s also had his name in their history as he defeated the Prime Minister of Alexander the Great.


He ruled the northern India for very long time. He was the son of Samudragupta. Gupta time period was considered as golden one in the history of India. He was brave and don’t had fear in his mind and actions. He expand his Empire fearlessly.


He had the finest activities in his time. He had many victories in his time period and known as “CHAKRAVATI RAJA” because of so many victories. His ruling fundamentals were aggression and war. His victories are so many but the main was the southern India along the coast of Bay of Bengal.


Rani Lakshmi Bai

The amazing fact is that she is the female warrior and he is very famous in the history of warriors in India. She was queen of Maratha. She fought the British with her small army. Her name is written in the history and she was symbolize as a women riding on a horse a sword in her hand and a toddler is tied on her back. India is lucky to have a brave lady warrior in their history.


Very brave ruler and warrior from Rajasthan. He was that brave that he fought against Akbar and this gave him very much fame. He gave his life for the sake of his nation and save his motherland. His horse name was chetak who gave it life for his master in battle field.



He was the founder of MARATHA Empire. He was the great and powerful warrior. He united the whole Indian subcontinent at one point. He resists due to his bravery and fighting techniques in front of Mughals and Adishahi Sultanate of Bijapur. He made the HindaviSwarajya and accounted for complete Hindu rule. His specific style of combat was very famous and still famous known as Guerrilla.

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