34 Best Quotes about Pisces Women

According to what one has been able to understand about a Pisces woman, she is mysterious, hideous and witty. It is not easy to break through the tough walls of a Pisces woman for she has staked her guards up high, really high. She might be the best looking women you have ever laid eyes on, but be prepared for a tough entral because she wouldn’t entertain you quickly. According to a common belief, people call a Pisces woman as the “old soul” because a Pisces woman has traits of all different zodiac signs. Therefore, make sure that you behave well with your pieces women for she is both- fire and ice. When you come across your soul mate, that is, a Pisces woman, trust me when I say this, her eyes would be the first thing to captivate your mind and soul.

Unlike other girls, a Pisces woman is not as easy to spot because she will be looking like she is made of glass, all vulnerable yet the strongest of all. You could only spot her if you have an eye for a crystal which is fragile, and brittle but also expensive and worth it.

Her graceful laughter and bright eyes could be your hint towards a Pisces woman.

1. She is a mermaid, but approaches her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in.

2. Don’t try to lie to her. She may pretend to believe you … but she doesn’t.

3. Pisces don’t get angry. They become cold.

4. She’ll forgive you, but she’ll make sure you feel the same pain you caused her. You don’t get off that easy.

5. She’s a Pisces. Let her sleep.

6. Pisces may look sweet and shy, but they have a wild side and are up for just about anything.

7. So you pissed off your Pisces? Sucks to be you today.

8. Sarcasm is her first language. Cursing comes a close second.

9. She is water. Powerful enough to drown you. Soft enough to cleanse you. Deep enough to save you.

10. 60% Nice. 40% Don’t f*** with me.

11. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

12. Start describing the ocean and you will get closer to a Pisces woman.

13. Pisces women are soft-spoken but hard-headed.

14. A hurt, annoyed or angry Pisces woman can and will shut anything, everything and everyone out.

15. Pisces woman refuses to be limited or restricted by anyone or anyone that might restrain their freedom of expression.

16. You might never know what love is if you haven’t been in love with a Pisces woman.

17. Pisces women have a soulful quality that makes them very attractive to the opposite sex. They often act as muses for artists and inspire creative geniuses.

18. Pisces women are loyal from day 1; she will be there for you unless you give her reason not to.

19. Pisces women never look down on people. They are very humble and subtle.

20. If you are looking for a soul mate, Pisces women can deliver like no other sign in the zodiac.

21. There is another side to the Pisces woman and that is brutal honesty that can catch you off guard.

22. Be careful how you treat a Pisces woman because once she is fed up, she is not coming back.

23. A Pisces woman can see right through a man and is not easy to fool.

24. Pisces compliments you. They are the missing part that makes you a whole.

25. Pisces women just want to make you smile.

26. Pisces women are known for their deep, soulful eyes. Large and dreamy, with a misty gaze.

27. If you catch yourself a Pisces girl, she will be the ride or die chick you thought only existed in movies.

28. A Pisces woman is an ultra-feminine nurturer, the ideal woman for the right mate.

29. There is nothing weak about a Pisces woman. She has a heart of a soldier when it comes to family and friends.

30. Yes, you may, but she doesn’t hide, she hibernates.

31. Pisces women are down to earth and love the simple things in life. The little things always make them happy.

32. Pisces women are the ‘Princesses’ of the zodiac.

33. No one is more romantic, more creative, and more imaginative than Pisces.

34. You may find a Pisces woman tucked away in a dark room reading or watching TV to block out the rest of the world.

Therefore, love your Pisces girl like you would have loved your Kohinoor diamond!