Top 10 Best HR Companies in India

We live in an era where data is considered to be the most precious resource in any company but the fact is that there is a resource which is more precious than the data as well and that is the human resource. Today, the companies have started stressing on the importance of HR more and more and in the crowded world of the corporates, the workforce and the human talent helps the company in shining through the darkness. The power of human resource can’t be undermined and hence each and every company has a separate department for the Human Resource. These departments are responsible for a lot of functions but as a matter of fact, some of the companies may choose to outsource certain functions like payroll department.

The HR department is also responsible for recruiting the new talent and generating the forecasts for the organization. In addition to this, the HR department has an additional responsibility to sort out the issues for the people. If you are a graduate or a post graduate with your specialization as HR and if you are looking for the best HR companies in India then this article is especially for you as we have listed the top HR companies in India in this article.

You can go through the list and this can help you in selecting your dream company as well.

10. Global Innovsource

Global Innovsource

On number 10 we have Global InnovSource. The company was started in 2004 with its headquarters in Mumbai and in last 13 years, the revenue of the company has touched Rs 7500 Crores. Global InnovSource offers tailor-made solutions and it is present across 36 locations in India. As per the information available, the company has over 600 clients and the workforce of 700 people serves these clients. The company provides its services in staffing solutions, facility management, training, and development, payrolling, on-boarding and health and insurance benefits.

9. IKYA General Staffing

IKYA General Staffing

IKYA is another well-known Indian HR company which was set up in 2004. In addition to this, the company was set up in Bangalore and today, the company has a revenue of over Rs 990 Crore. It has over 500 clients in different industries and it recently acquired a couple of organizations for the internal growth. The company mainly offers recruitment services to its clients.

8. Career Net Consulting Private Limited

Career Net Consulting Private Limited

We also have Career Net Consulting in our list and the company started its operations in 1999 in Bangalore. Today, the company has an annual revenue of about Rs 2 Crore to Rs 5 Crore and it is one of the best staffing solution provider in India. One of the main advantages of this company is the cost-effectiveness and that is the reason why it is mostly preferred by the corporates. The company is known for offering consultation in the recruitment process, acquisition strategy, exit management and even compensation advisor. Apart from these, there are several other domains where the company provides services and it is simply one of the best in India.

7. Kelly Services

Kelly Services

Indian operations of Kelly Services began in the year 2001 and the company has its base in Gurugram. Kelly Services has a global annual revenue of over 5.5 billion American Dollars and the company mainly provides quality recruitment services. Kelly is known to provide workforce in all domains like IT, Research, Engineers, Operations and even Financial Services. As of today, the company has offices in 6 locations in India and the global operations of the company can be traced back to 1946.

6. AON Hewitt

AON Hewitt

Next on our list is a company from Gurugram and the name of the company is Aon Hewitt. The company was incepted in 1940 and the company offers insurance, management consulting and outsourcing services to its clients. The company has a workforce of over 30 thousand people and that serves about 20 thousand corporates across the globe. As per the information available, Aon Hewitt also offers solutions in health benefits, investment consultation, compensation planning and retirement based solutions.

5. Manpower Group

Manpower Group

The global operations of Manpower began in 1948 and in India, the company started its operations in 1997. The company has its main office in Gurugram and as per an estimation, Manpower Group has an overall revenue of more than 20.7 Million American Dollars. Another advantage of dealing with Manpower is that it has over 3500 offices globally and it operates through 80 countries. Manpower group also provides services in recruitment and it covers almost every domain of recruitment process.

4. Sutra HR

Sutra HR

Sutra HR is one of the new company when compared to the other ones in the list. The company was incepted in 2008 and the company is based in Mumbai. As per the resources, the annual revenue of the company is about 8.6 Million USD and the company is known for providing workforce solutions to the start-ups. As per one of the executives from the Sutra HR, the company has over 500 clients and the company provides services with a lead time of 24 hours. Another advantage of the company is that the company is based globally and it has centers in Malaysia, Middle East, UK, Indonesia and even Singapore.

3. Randstad


We also have Randstad on our list and this company is based in Chennai. The company was founded in 2008 and today the company has a revenue of over 17.1 billion Euros. In addition to this, the company mainly provides contractual staffing service along with other HR services to the corporates across India. The roots of the company can be traced back to 1992 and Randstad also has a global presence.

2. Adecco India

Adecco India

Adecco is another well-known HR company in India and the company was set up in 1996. Adecco has it’s headquarters in Bangalore and the company has a revenue of more than 20536 Million Euros. As per an estimate, the company is known for the number of people it places every day and the number is as high as 1 lakh people. The company entered Indian market through inorganic growth by acquiring Peopleone Consulting in Bangalore in 2004. Today, the company provides all sort of HR solutions related to the recruitment and talent development.

1. ABC Consulting

ABC Consulting

On number one we have ABC Consulting and this company was set up in 1969. The headquarters of ABC Consulting is in New Delhi and as per some of the resources, the revenue of the company ranges from Rs 100 Crore to Rs 500 Crore. The company provides recruitment services to the people in India and it stands for its motto which is Building Careers, Building Organization. The company helps the corporates in building their brand by helping them in recruiting the best brains in the country. In addition to this, the company help the people in building their career by helping them getting in touch with the recruiters.

These are the top HR Companies in India and we made this list after evaluating the company on various factors. In addition to this, if you are looking for a job in HR domain then you may also contact one of these companies and check out for the vacancies through their online career page.

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