Top 10 Countries with Highest Death Rate in the World

It is no wonder that death is the end of our life. Death happens to everyone on the planet. No one can escape from death. Be it a poor or millionaire; everyone will be in the same box in the end. When it comes to the reason for death, there are varieties of reason to choose from. It can either caused by fatal accident or naturally. However, the population graph for some countries has continuously been declining for decades. In order to balance the population rates, the rate of birth is equal to the rate of death.

With the advancement in medical treatment, the mortality rate due to the disease such as epidemics and malaria is reduced. However, the medical department is still in research to get the perfect cure for cancer and strokes. On the other hand, the death rate is being increased due to the civil war, conflicts, and violence. Because of the atom bomb explosion, more and more buildings are destructing every year. In fact, this is also one of the causes for the destruction of human beings. Meanwhile, some underdeveloped countries had been suffering from the highest death rate for the past few years. Due to the lack of food and water facilities, they are more prone to death. There are more than hundreds of thousands of children in Nigeria are suffering from the shortage of food and water, which eventually leads to death. Some people out there, wasting their daily meals. It would be great if you share the food to the needy ones. Each person should share their food with the one who needs it. There are some rich people out there, who do not bother the need of food and water. If every person in the developed country shares their food with the developing country, then the economic level could have grown. Here is the top 10 country with the highest death rate.

10. Central African Republic

The tenth Number on the list of top 10 countries with the high mortality rate in the Central African Republic. Africans are working hard on the getting their basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothes. Those people do not have a good financial background, and therefore the food and shelter are not easily affordable for them. For most Africans, it’s hard to survive in the Central African Republic without diet and shelter. This is why Africans are facing more death nowadays. As per the recent report, the average death rate in the Africa is 13.8 deaths per thousand people.

9. Afghanistan

At number 9, we have Afghanistan with the death rate of 13.89 deaths per 1000 individuals. Afghanistan is the only Muslim state in South Asia, which is facing the highest death rate in the recent years. It is not surprising that the Afghanistan is the home of war and conflicts. Because of the drone attacks and civil wars, hundreds of thousands of people die even still today. More and More Taliban insurgency means chances are much higher for the people to die soon.According to the various resources; Afghanistan has an estimated death rate of 13.89 deaths per 1000 individuals. There is no doubt that this death rate will be increasing in the upcoming years.

8. Namibia

Namibia ranks at 8 with an estimated mortality rate of 13.91 deaths per thousand populations, and it is alarming at an increasing rate. Namibia is a part of South Africa who is still suffering from the lack of foods and shelter. Namibia is not blessed with green lushes and rich biodiversity. Namibia is the undeveloped country with the shortage of the basic needs such as cloth, food, water, and shelter. Every year thousands of people die due to the scarcity of water and hunger of food.  Apart from the food, Namibians are suffering from the dry weather. With the insufficient food, Namibians cannot tolerate the summer waves.  With the dry weather, inadequate food and water supply, the death rates in Namibia are increasing apparently.

7. Lithuania

The seventh Number on the list of Top countries with the high mortality rate in Lithuania, which has an estimated death rate of 14.27 deaths per 1000 population. The death rate of Lithuania is more than Namibia. Lithuania is the part of Europe, which has a high mortality rate compared to Africa. The primary cause of death rate in Lithuania is the minimum life expectancy, and that is why more and more people die these days.

6. Chad

At number 6, we have Chad, which is the developing country with the shortage of the basic needs. Similar to Mumbai, Chad is an African state, which is bordered by Sudan and Libya. Every year, there are thousands of refugees moved to Chad from Sudan. Due to the insufficient resources, the death rate in the country is more likely to increase in the upcoming years. It had been facing some major conflicts and Humanitarian issues since 2001. It is being continued still today. According to the various resources, Chad has an estimated death rate of 14.28 deaths per 1000 individuals.

5. Latvia

With the estimated Networth of 14.32 deaths per population, Latvia stands fifth in the ranking of countries with the highest mortality rate. Latvia is bordered by Baltic Sea, which is blessed with the enriched European culture for the decades. According to the recent survey, Latvia has the highest death rate.

4. Guinea-Bissau

Guinea Bissau is the country with the highest mortality rate of 14.33 deaths per thousand populations. Guinea Bissau is the place where people face more death issues and crises. Guinea Bissau is a part of Africa, which is blessed with green forest and rich biodiversity. Unfortunately, Guinea Bissau fell under the curse of average death rates.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria ranks at 8 in the country with the highest death rates. Bulgaria is a wealthy country, which is bordered by Baltic Sea. There is a constant decline in the population graph for the country since 1980. More death rate in the country leads to less birth rate.

2. Ukraine

At the number 2, we have Ukraine with the highest death rate.Because of the major crisis and conflicts; some of the leading causes of Ukraine include disease, insurgency, instability, conflicts, and civil reforms and so on. As per the recent research, Ukraine has an estimated death rate of 14.46 deaths per population.

1. Lesotho

Lesotho is a country in southern Africa, which is called as ‘Kingdom in the sly.’ With the mortality rate of 14.89, Lesotho stands first in the country with the highest death rates.  The primary cause of death is due to the various diseases such as malaria and epidemics.

Preventing death is next to impossible because it is not in the hand of human beings however, we can control the penalty rate to some extents through providing the basic needs of life. The primary cause of death rate is disease, civil wars and the shortage of basic needs of life. It is incredibly impossible to reduce the civil war nowadays. However, we can reduce the death rates in some countries by providing them general awareness about the disease.

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