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Raj Shamani is a businessman, influencer, and entrepreneur with 1 million Instagram followers. The 24-year-old has done everything to inspire the crowd. One of India’s favourite motivational speakers, Raj performed 200+ lectures in 26 countries. He spoke at TED, the UN, Jaguar, Land Rover, TCS, Reliance, and Forbes.

Raj Shamani


  • Full Name – Raj Shamani
  • Date of birth – 9 April 1996
  • Age – 27
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Height – 5 foot 7 inches
  • Profession – entrepreneur, business Man, You-tuber, social media Influencer, Motivational speaker
  • Religion – Hindu


Raj Shamani was born in Indore on April 9, 1996. He is the youngest Indian to represent India in the UN and is one of the top content marketing experts. The Top 10 Asian-Aged Indian Young Entrepreneurs is this 24-year-old.

In 1990, their family introduced “Jadugar” their first dishwasher after making soap themselves and became financially comfortable. Their business grew, and they acquired a house in 2003. Recursion devastated their family in 2008. Raj became solely responsible for the house after his father suffered a diabetic attack in 2013.

This was his start, and by 2012 they sold house products and invested in equities. In 2015, he merged his soap business with his father’s chemical trade firm to become Shamani Industries. FY2020 net value for his company was 200 crores.

Career and Achievements

Raj began Shamani Industries with his father at 16 and developed their FMCG firm 20 times in 5 years. He integrated his father’s company with his two modest consumer products companies in 2016, growing his 90 Lakhs yearly turnover business to 9 Crore in 24 months.

He creates material for YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. His YouTube account has around 1 lakh subscribers. His video “What’s the hard you want to choose” had 30 million views in 15 days. He hosts the podcast ‘Figuring Out’ to help young entrepreneurs and companies. He has nearly 1 million Instagram followers.

At 23, he is the youngest Indian to speak at the UN Assembly in Vienna and has given TEDx Talks and keynotes worldwide. Shamani talks about entrepreneurial travels and business successes and failures on Instagram, which attracts millennial who desire to work for themselves. As an extension, his podcast Figuring Out covers many facets of launching a business. His key achievements are:

  • He has given 3 TEDx speeches and over 100 keynotes in 23 countries. He is a renowned international keynote speaker. He has inspired thousands in 23 countries. The latest are UK, Latvia, India, US, and Singapore.
  • He wrote Build, Don’t Talk in 2022.
  • He was on Forbes’ 2023 cover.
  • He was one of the Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide.
  • He is a Top 5 Indian Young Influencer.
  • His Figuring Out is a top 10 Indian business podcast.

Marriage and Wife

His personal life information is not available. According to trusted source he is not yet married.

Net Worth

Raj Shamani’s 2023 estimated net worth is projected at $11 million, or 91 crore Indian rupees. He built several successful internet marketing and e-commerce enterprises since he was 16, making him a successful entrepreneur, content creator, speaker, investor, and social media influencer. Youtube and Spotify are home to Shamani’s podcasts.

Raj Shamani earns 1 crore plus Indian rupees per month from YouTube, brand collaborations, online marketing, and other businesses.

He made angel investments in Classplus, Growth School, Zionverse, Wint Wealth, Deciml, Mainstreet, Avalon Scenes, Indian & American equities, crypto, SIP, debt funds, and other financial startups. By 2023, Raj Shamani is predicted to earn 15 crore Indian rupees.

Political Status:

Not political involvement found.