Top 10 Best Hearing Aid Companies In India

Have you lost your hearing ability? Are you facing problem of poor hearing? Have you become obsessed with the hearing disorders? Now, it’s time to throw away such complexity and improve the level of hearing with the best hearing aid device manufactured by some of the branded companies in India. Hearing aid is an electronic device which people with hearing loss wear in or behind the year depending on the degree of hearing i.e. mild or acute. There is number are number of hearing aid but to choose the most efficient one is important.

Below are some of the best hearing aid companies in India which have a number of a smile on the face of people with hearing disability.

10. Resound


The most economical and viable hearing aid manufacturer Resound acquire the 10 position in the list of top 10 Best Hearing Aid Companies in India. The company manufacture devices which provides excellent sounds by applying innovative in their hearing aid pursuit. The company has different types of hearing aid devices which include the latest digital hearing aid and also some powerful super power hearing aid which can give you access to some quality hearing of sound even after some critical damage of ear buds. The company offers their divine quality of service in more than 25 countries with more than 80 distributors in different parts of the country. Please check price in the official web site.

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9. Oticon


The another name in our list of the top best hearing aid device is the manufacturer Oticon. Oticon is one of the companies that cares the clients’ problems and requirements and then delivers their services accordingly. The company is one of the most recognizable brands which are playing a key role in bridging the gap between the communication and hearing. The company has relevant years of experience in this field and have some expertise who are working dedicatedly towards giving auditory a new style and innovation. Please check price in the official web site.

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8. Alps


The company here aims to empower people across the globe with the best hearing solutions through their master class innovation in hearing aid. The company has offered divine years of experience range of digital hearing aid which are both world class and embedded with the art of technology. The company hearing aids have a diverse range of collections which varies according to hearing disabilities. They examine the client’s hearing disabilities and depending on that the number design the hearing aids devices at much affordable price. Please check price in the official web site.

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7. Amplifon


Aplifon is a decent and award winning company for providing best hearing care solutions and treatment in. India. The company deals with manufacturing latest technology based digital hearing aids in order to deliver the best hearing experience. The company has more than 175+ hearing care center in India, working with more than 175+ audiology experts in cities like Delhi, Haryana, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, etc. It is also relatively important to acknowledge that the company has more than 5,500 hearing centers across 22 countries. The company extensively has delivered a number of satisfied customers till and hoping to deliver the same in a coming year. Please check price in the official web site.

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6. Phonak


The company Phonak main aim is to deliver quality and standard in health care system mainly focusing on improving the hearing disorders. Hearing health is vital for human and hence, by keeping this view only the company has produced a number of hearing aid device which economical, feasible, and reliable. The company has a group of an audiologist who are working to engage hearing experience with new technology and has relatively achieved that profoundly. The company cares and consultants service make it easy for them to deliver the best for the clients. Please check price in the official web site.

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5. Widex


Denmark-based company Widex has been in the field of delivering best hearing aids since from its incubation in the year 1956. The company at present is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids with hearing centers and retail shop in more than 100 countries with handful group of 4,000 experts. With the help of such group of dynamic and innovative experts, the company has delivered some of the unique hearing aids featuring wireless connectivity with some digital advancement in their products. The company also diagnose clients before allocating any BTE or ITE device. The mission of the company is to provide absolute quality and standard in hearing aids and customers service. Please check price in the official web site.

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4. Starkey


“Bringing the gift to hearing world”, with such positive note the company Starkey diverse range of hearing aids products for the needy people. The founder of the company William F. Austin in 1984 started the venture with a mission to bring back the hearing experience by pulling them up from the isolation of a silent world. Taking care of Austin vision “So the world may hear”, at present the organization is dealing and treating more than 1 million hearing disabilities annually. The foundation today works with quality and experience professional of the audiologist to bridge the gap between the hearing and normal lifestyle. Price Range  Rs 5000/ – RS7 lakh (There are many models so check price in their web site)

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3. Elkon


The only Indian manufacturer of hearing aids products Elkon is an ISO certified company which was established in the year 1967 by Mr. L.K. Ojha with a vision to deliver best and cheapest hearing aids products for the people who are suffering from hearing disabilities. The company supply all types of hearing aids devices which vary according to the degree of hearing disability to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Price Range: RS 2500-4 lakh per unit

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2. Axon


Axon is one of the popular brands when it comes to hearing aids devices. There is a number of a diverse range of hearing aids products manufactured by the company which is ideally meant to fulfill different hearing problems. The company all the newly built product are technically sound and digitally fit. It also comes with various features which people want e.g. Volume adjustment, amplifier adjustable features etc.  Price Range – RS 400- Rs 2000/-

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The most popular and well-liked brand in the hearing sound technology SIEMENS has assured to deliver the quality and reliability in their pursuit. The product ranges from BTE(Behind the Ear) to ITE (In the Ear) instruments. The company has successfully launched some of the authorized Health Care Center (HCC) around the country to provide a range of quality hearing health care service at the various centers with instruments as per the requirements. All the HCC have a group of ENT experts, audiologist, and doctors who are closely examining the client hearing disability and prescribed the best hearing aid device for them. These hearing Aids costs around RS13k In India.

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So these are the best hearing Aids available in the market which can help you in getting rid of this disorder and will be able to live a normal and confident life easily.

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