Top 10 Best Eye Lens Brands in India

Men or women, everyone loves to look good. People love to project themselves bright and beautiful without distracting the onlookers with any kind of blemish, particularly in the face. People with eye sight related issues, in particular, prefer to wear contact lens instead of going in for the regular glasses worn externally. Contact Lens, among the many benefits pertaining to health, enables a person to look natural and smart. While Contact Lens improves the peripheral vision it also sharpens up the focus levels by moving in the direction the eye balls move. Contact Lenses allow users to wear sunglasses and makeup without meddling with them in any way possible. The natural look it gives to the face of the users make them feel confident about the same.

Let us have a look the list of top 10 best Eye Lens or contact lens brands in India.

10. OxyMaxx

OxyMaxx lens

OxyMaxx is a contact lens brand that has been in vogue for more than a decade now. Approved by FDA in US, this is one of the dependable lens brands that safeguard the pupil from possible damages. Right from the material it uses to the final finish of the lens, the product is considered as eye-friendly. It is one of the most preferred foreign brand lenses in India.

9. SilkLens


SilkLens has a variety of eye care lens like RGB, S1 and S2 series, Toric and Prosthetic and VIVIBLU lenses to offer to its customers. If offers such high levels of moisture through its lenses to people who suffer from dryness in the eyes. The soft and smooth texture of this brand lens makes it one of the preferred lens brands by many people who are forced to drive for long durations every day.

8. Sparkle

Sparkle lens

Sparkle contact lenses are the product of a Korean eye care organization. Sparkle lenses are available online. The wide variety of single colored, dual colored and multicolored lenses offered on their website make procurement of this brand lens an easy one. Sparkle offers contact lenses that can be used once and thrown away for specific purposes.

7. Biomedic 55

Biomedic 55

Made up of superior quality materials, including Ocufilcon, Biomedic 55 is one of the established brands in India when it comes to Contact lens. The brand offers contact lenses that are both planned and colored. The affordable cost in which these lenses are available in the market makes it a first choice of all levels of people who use Contact lens.

6. Alcon


Alcon cannot be termed just as other eye accessories manufacturing brand. It has set itself on a global mission to enhance eye vision in people around the globe. Its presence in approximately 75 nations all around the world makes it an international brand. The variety of lenses sold by the brand is highly affordable for the popular brand it is.

5. Fresh Look

fresh look

Fresh Look is basically from the Novartis Business Group. The multiple choices of contact lens provided by this experienced brand offer safety to the eyes. The brand specializes in blending colors in the lenses for making the views stunning. Fresh Look lenses are priced economically.

4. Ciba Vision

ciba vision

Ciba Vision makes itself stand tall in its contact lens offerings by manufacturing its products using a silicon hydrogen lens which weight light. The oxygen levels provided on the surface of the Ciba Vision lens help keep the eyes cool retaining the moisture levels on the same. Owned by the Novartis group, Ciba Vision ensures the precision of the lens it supplies is high. Ciba Vision aims in catering to the many eye defects suffered by people who opt for wearing lenses.

3. Coopervision


Cooper Vision is one of those foreign brand contact lens manufacturers who have won the maximum number of awards for innovation in Contact lenses. They offer many types of lenses like Bioinfinity that are light weight by nature, Proclear which help people with dry eye related issues and lenses that can be disposed off in a day.

2. Bausch and Lomb

Bausch and Lomb

Bausch and Lomb is not just an eye care optical brand. The brand focuses in increasing the comfort level of people providing them high moisture oxygen rich lenses of various types. They also help people to correct their eye related issues while focussing on the fashion quotient too.

1. Acuvue


Acuvue is termed as one of the best contact lens brand in India among the many local and foreign competitors. Hailing from the Johnson and Johnson business group, Acuvue gives complete protection to its customer from ultra violet rays. Acuvue is the first brand in the world that offered disposable contact lenses to users. The brand’s experience in the industry acts as an example for other brands. Acuvue pioneers the Contact Lens industry not only in India but across the world. The health this brand lenses provide to the eyes makes it a preferred choice of many people around the world.s

Contact Lenses are high utility value health accessories which protect the eyes from various natural and artificial perils. They safeguard the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and dust formed in the environment. While protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of the environment, contact lens also takes care of the beauty quotient. Make best use of the lens to protect your eyes. Hope the details we have provided above helps you to choose superior quality of lens for your different kinds of usage.