Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet, something that connects the computer of the world with the other computers across the world. The service was launched years ago and no one really realized that the Internet can change things for people in such a massive way. We have come from a point where 1 Mbps of speed was considered a luxury and today, even 500 Mbps of speed seems to be less. The optic fibre has really changed the things for people in terms of the internet. Today, you can get wireless connections to use the internet and you can also get Fiber to Home connections which have incredibly fast download and upload speed.

There are many innovations in this area well and the fact is that the Internet has really changed the world for us. The applications are now more based on the local system, you have cloud-based applications. The computing power is also available on a cloud on demand and the same is for storage. All this is made possible with the help of internet.

So apart from many advantages, the internet also comes with some of the disadvantages and this article, we are going to talk about both sides of the coin. We will start the discussion by talking about the benefits of the internet and then we will flip the coin to the other side.

So, the advantages of the internet are listed below.


Advantages of Internet

1. Easy Access to Information

Internet provides you with instant access to information. There is no need to have encyclopedias at your home anymore because you can find anything and everything on Wikipedia. The information is instant. You also get the information and news instantly which is another advantage of the Internet. You do not relyon newspaper anymore. Isn’t that a great thing to be connected to the world instantly? The banking services have also take a major reform because of the internet and you don’t have to visit the bank to check your balance or to transfer the money. The same is with the ticketing. You don’t have to step out of your house to book a ticket, this can be done online as well

2. Communication Network

Internet is basically a communication network and it has also enhanced the basic communication network for us. The TV is now available over the internet and in addition to this, you can send emails instantly as well. There was a time when you really had to visit the post office to send an email but this has now been eliminated. People prefer communicating over email. There are social media sites which also enables us to communicate.

3. Questions and Answer Platform

Looking for an answer to the question? Well, the internet is there to rescue you here as well. There are dedicated QnA portals like Medium and Quora where you can simply ask questions and people would turn up to answer the question for you. Isn’t that amazing? It surely is.

4. Entertainment

You also get unlimited entertainment with the internet. You can play games, download movies, watch web-series and there is much more to it. You surely get unlimited access to entertainment and it is enough to kill time over the weekend.

5. Instant Service 

Another best part about the internet is that you can get instant services with the internet. You can purchase products and book services as well. That is surely a great thing. You don’t have to wait and you don’t have to stand in the queue as well. The Internet has taken the business Brick and mortar retailers are now outdated and people prefer shopping online with the comfort of their home. The Internet has enabled a lot of things for the people.

In the section above, we have talked about the advantages of the internet and now, can you think of some of the disadvantages of the internet? Well, don’t worry if you can’t. We have listed some of the major disadvantages below.

Disadvantages of Internet

1. Unverified Information

While a lot of useful information is available on the internet, the fact is that there is a lot of information available which is unverified. It is something that can be dangerous as well. So, you need to ensure that you verify the source of information before you actually believe it or share it with anyone.

2. Data Theft and Financial Fraud

Internet is basically a network of computers connected together. The disadvantage of the internet is that you can be prone to hacking, malware, and spyware and data theft. You need to have good protection on your system to keep your data safe and to ensure that your passwords do not leak out.

3. Highly Addictive

Internet is also very addictive because it opens the door to an unknown world. It has made the world smaller but the problem is that the internet has also impacted our social life.

4. Access to Restricted Content

People are able to access restricted content with the help of internet. The teenagers get easy access to pornography and other such material. This can lead to a negative impact on the youth and hence it is advisable for the parents to monitor the internet usage and install parental control software on their network.

5. Dark Web

There is a thing called dark web and this is basically the content which is hidden from the public. But, it is possible to access this content with the help of browsers like Tor Browser. The dark web is certainly a dangerous place to be. It is more like a black market and it is a place where one should never try to visit. We would not divulge more details about dark web here but if you ever plan to visit the dark web then it is highly inadvisable to do so.

This was all about the internet, its advantages and its disadvantages. There are certain ways to avoid the disadvantages but the most important way remains to be vigilant. Also, ensure that if you have a minor kid then you monitor the internet usage of your child so as to safeguard him from any danger of this two-sided sword.