10 Interesting Things to Know About Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies is one of the leading IT Service companies in India and the world. The company has reached many heights and achievements in the due course. However, there are plenty of things that are very interesting about Wipro and its history. You may not be aware of those facts, but here are the 10 interesting facts about Wipro Technologies.

Wipro Technologies

10. The Beginning

The company was established in 1946 by Mohamed Premji in the name of Western India Vegetables Products Limited. The company was mainly based on refining oil and vegetable oil.

9. The consumer market

Wipro is one of the leaders in the consumer market even today. The company is only after Nirma and Dabur. The products like Sunflower, Kisan and Santoor are few of the leading products in Indian market. Wipro also is in the lighting business and makes CFL and others.

8. The young leadership

Till 1966, Wipro was in Consumer market but after the sudden death of Senior Premji, his son Aziz Premji took over at the age of 21. His visions were very clear as he started expanding and entered the business of IT. The young leader was responsible for the tremendous growth of the company.

7. The Name Change

The company was incorporated as Western India Vegetables Products Limited. However, later it was abbreviated as the Wipro. Later, under the leadership of Aziz Premji, when Wipro entered the business of IT, the name got changed to Wipro Products Limited. It was later again renamed as the Wipro Limited.

6. The group of companies

Wipro later diversified the companies as the sectors grew in size. The company is now an accumulation of four different companies. Wipro Limited, Wipro Consumer Care and Lightning, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering and Wipro GE Medical Systems Limited.

5. The master of development

Wipro Technologies runs 54 development centers in the world. It is also the largest independent provider of Research and Development in the world.

4. The innovation

Wipro was the first company to implement the Six Sigma. The company is very particular about the quality and the process. The implementation further made the company one of the process based companies in the world.

3. The headcount

Wipro currently has close to 160,000 employees across the globe. The company has employees of 98 nationalities from 61 different countries in the world. The presence of Wipro can be seen in more than 175 cities and 8.5% of the work force of Wipro is non-Indian.

2. The big achievements

Wipro is one of the largest public traded companies in India. This is also the seventh largest IT service companies in the world.

1. The value

Wipro is one of the largest companies listed in BSE, NSE, and NYSE. The value of the company is $8.4 billion in terms of total assets. The company has $35 billion market capitalization.

The company is one of the biggest in the IT Service and System Integration business. The innovation, quality, and process are the key driving points for Wipro Limited.

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