10 Interesting Facts About Iraq You Should Know

Iraq is one Muslim country located in the Western Asia region. It has its capital city of Baghdad. Currently, such nation is known as Republic of Iraq. This country shares land boarders to some other countries like Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and Kuwait. There are some more awesome and interesting facts regarding the country that you should know, and here are 10 of them:

10. People of Iraq or the Iraqis are in the 2nd place when it comes to the number of refugees. It can be confirmed by the report submitted by the UNHCR. Since the country is always in total chaos, Iraqis turned to neighboring countries sought for refuge. The total number of Iraqi refugees being recorded is around 1.8 million.

9. Iraq is a biblical country. According to the legend and some ancient evidences found by a group of experts and historians, the Biblical Garden of Eden was located in the country way back million years ago. Some of the Biblical characters like Abraham and Rebekah also came from Iraq. Rebekah from Nahor and Abraham from Ur, and these were two regions of Iraq.

8. Sand and dust storms are common natural catastrophes experienced by Iraq per year. In the entire year, around 20-50 days that the whole country will suffer from the horrible and destructive sand and dust storms. These can be mostly experienced in summer times. 3000 up to 6000 feet is the usual height of the dust storms, while the sand storms may reach up to 50 feet.

7. Iraq is actually made of 2 major places. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why the country is majorly inhabited with 2 major ethnic groups namely the Kurds and the Arabs. Way back in 2003, the Kurds willingly helped the Americans in invading Iraq. Because of this, the new constitution of the country mandated to make Kurdistan an autonomous region of Iraq.

6. Iraqi people are family-oriented ones. They intensely love each member of the family, and Iraqi families are usually composed of great numbers. This is simply because even one member of the family is already married, they still choose to stay in the house of their parents. This is already a tradition of Iraqi people.


5. Iraq is a country that is rich in traditions. Just like any other countries, Iraqi people also have their own sets of traditions that they religiously followed. Good example is that when you like s certain thing inside their house, they will be ought to give it to you. This is why it would be a proper etiquette for you not to over-praise their possessions.

4. Women in Iraq used to be free compared to those women in the neighboring regions. However, everything has changed right after the Gulf War. Religious groups in the country have forced women to cover themselves well with clothes, to the extent that lesser skin will be showed.

3. Iraq was discovered to be the origins of many Britons and Irish people these days. The truth is, it’s not only Iraq, but also Syria. A group of researchers has confirmed this fact after a series of studies.

2. Iraq is just like China that celebrates two New Year’s Day. On the very first month of Muslim calendar, they celebrate a prosperous New Year’s Day and this celebration is famously known as Muharram in their own terms. The 2nd New Year’s Day celebration is being followed in the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used worldwide.

1. Arranged marriage is still followed in Iraq. After all, this is how it is for those Muslim people. However, modern Muslims in Iraq are now starting to forget this kind of marriage. Most of the time, they got to choose who they want to marry, especially those Iraqis living in bigger and progressive cities and towns like Baghdad.

These are the 10 interesting facts about Iraq you should know. Truly, Iraq is a very interesting country.

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