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Even she is now in her 40’s, Cameron Diaz is still considered as one of the hottest and most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood. She has already made a lot of films that acquired millions of dollars from their worldwide gross. Aside from being a famous actress, she is also a fashion model, and film producer.

Cameron DiazNet Worth: $100 million (Estimated)

Sources of Income: Needless to say, the major income of Cameron Diaz comes from her television shows and Hollywood films. Like for example in the animated film titled “Shrek” where she was the voice of the film character Fiona, she was paid with a whopping $10 million. In the movie “Gangs of New York”, she earned $20 million. She even acquired huge amounts from endorsing a number of product brands like Calvin Klein.

Full Name: Cameron Michelle Diaz

Born: 30th August, 1972 (46 Year)

Marital Status: She has just recently tied the knot with the Good Charlotte band’s guitarist, Benjamin Levi Madden, or famously known as Benji Madden.

Height/Weight: She stands 5 feet and 9 inches, and weighs 58 kilograms.

Personal Background

It was in San Diego, California where Cameron Diaz was born. She was a daughter of a foreman father and an import/export agent mother. Her father, who used to work in the big-time California oil company known as Unocal, is named Emilio Diaz while her mother bears the name of Billie. She has one elder sister named Chimene. Her father is actually a Cuban who originally came from Spain and moved to Cuba. Later on, Cameron’s paternal ancestors decided to live in Tampa, Florida and then again moved to California where her father was born and raised. Her mother, on the other hand, has a German, Scottish-Irish, and English ancestry. She actually grew up in the beautiful and progressive City of Long Beach. Talking about her educational background, she spent her elementary days in Los Cerritos Elementary School, and high school days in Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

Career Graph

Cameron Diaz rose to stardom during the 90’s. In the year 1994, she has her first Hollywood movie titled “The Mask”. In 1997, she starred in the film “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, and “There’s Something About Marry” in the year 1998. In the cartoon movie series titled “Shrek”, she used to be the voice of the movie character named Fiona. This movie started in the year 2001 and its final installment was released in the year 2010. Some of the worth-watching films of Cameron Diaz were “What Happens In Vegas”, “In Her Shoes”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, “The Holiday”, “Annie”, “My Sister’s Keeper”, “The Sweetest Thing”, “Knight and Day”, “Sex Tape”, “The Green Hornet”, “The Other Woman”, “Bad Teacher”, and “The Counselor”. She is a certified award-winning actress. She won New York Film Critics Best Lead Actress Award because of her 1998 film “There’s Something About Mary”. She also had 4 nominations in the Golden Globe Award due to her exemplary acting performances in 4 films namely “There’s Something About Mary (1998), “Being John Malkovich (1999)”, “Vanilla Sky (2001)”, and “Gangs of New York (2002)”.


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