Scorpio Zodiac Sign – 10 Facts, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of those people who have birthdays on October 23 up to November 21. The thing that symbolizes this particular zodiac sign is the stingy and mighty scorpion. According to a number of astrologers, this zodiac sign is an introvert feminine one.

Moreover, here are 10 facts regarding Scorpio zodiac sign personality that you must know:

10. Loyalty is one thing they strongly possess. They are one of those people who are very loyal, especially to their friends and loved ones. It would be a rare case if you will see them betraying their loved ones. They might be strong individuals, but they cannot do such thing.

9. They are jealous types of individuals. Yes, they are like this most of the time. Hence, do not be surprised if your Scorpio-born friends got jealous even just in a small thing since this is their true nature. They are afraid that your attention might be stolen by somebody else, making you to take them for granted.

8. Scorpio-born people are extremely obsessive. Meaning to say, there is a big possibility that they will develop intense obsession to something they like or to someone they love. It is something that they can hardly resist because it is natural for them. If you notice that they already become obsessed, then you must tell them as their true friend.

7. They are very passionate. When there is one thing they want to do, then they will absolutely do it with so much passion. If they want to make you happy, then it is expected for them to do whatever it takes just to make you happy. They have this eagerness that many other people cannot surpass.

6. Scorpios are born to be very observant. Most of the time, you might just find them very silent at the corner and do nothing at all. However, it is not that they are not interested to get involved. What is the true reason for their silence is they are still observing the situation as well as the people around.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

5. They are very suspicious. This is one negative personality that every single Scorpio-born individual must overcome as she or he grows older and older. It is simply because such negative trait can be the reason of their own downfalls. This is the reason why it is not that easy for them to put their trust to someone.

4. Scorpios are extremely manipulative. Manipulating things or someone is one thing that they cannot avoid because they are born this way. They want to control people. They want people to believe them at all times, whether they are telling a lie or not. This confirms the fact that they are dominant people.

3. Being highly resourceful is one quality that you will surely love about them. No matter what the situation is, being resourceful will definitely show within themselves. This is why they are not that weak to lose hope. They always find some solutions, especially during the times of difficulties. They can be your perfect partners if you easily give up on something.

2. Being revengeful is one evil side of Scorpios. When you have done something wrong to them, they might not forget it very easily. Yes, they can forgive you, but it is not their true nature to forget everything what you have done. And without getting noticed, they will strike their revengeful moves towards you.

1. They are also intelligent people. In fact, Scorpio-born individuals are considered to be one of the most intelligent ones in the entire human race. Some of them might not be fond of studying or discovering some new worthy things, but it is normal for them to have a considerable amount of stock knowledge.

These are the 10 facts regarding Scorpio zodiac sign personality that the entire human race must know. This is in order for them to know these individuals well.