Top 12 Most Polluted Cities in the World 2015

If there is anything for which the humans have to repent greatly in coming future, it is certainly neglecting issues associated with nature. Pollution is jut out of control in this world of commercialization. However, some parts are too critical on this matter. There are different parameters available for measurement of pollution. Anyway, we have come up here with the line-upmost polluted parts of the globe taking overall parameters into account.

12. Linfen, China

China is already in trouble regarding unstoppable population. However, Linfen China with about 3 million citizens is considered the hugely polluted parts of the globe. The biggest concern is its location; in Shanxi, the region considered to be at the middle of nation’s coal trap this is just unavoidable in terms of pollution.

11. Tianying, China

Tianying, China is hugely affected with pollution due to metals. To be specific, the lead content is too large in environments of this part of the globe. The fact of being hugely industrialized, the city is quite facing such tough situation. However, the weak methodologies, and lack of proper administration is another factor coming front its way as well.

10. Sukinda, India

This part of India is hugely affected about the environmental conditions. The mining industry is growing here in a just uncompromising fashion. Especially, the lead content here is higher than the accepted level. Anyway, attempts are being made for purifying the surrounding zones these days.

9. Vapi, India

Vapi is the most polluted zones in India. The reason is quite apparent; it includes huge number of industries within it. Level of pollution is such high at this region is that the surface and waters are even affected through toxic chemicals and metals. It is said that the groundwater here also has mercury at much higher level than standard.

8. La Oroya, Peru

The region is currently facing critical threat of pollution. Most of the population have lead content higher than the standard level. However, the worrying part is that most of the above concerned population are children. The region is hugely crowded through mining industries.

7. Dzerzhinsk, Russia

The condition here is so severe that the average life span of the destination is unbelievably low at around 45. Men face more critical situation here dying jut at the age of 42, and females manage to live some 5-10 years longer. The hugely toxic contents in the environment are said to be responsible for such tragic scenario.

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