Why Does Dustbin Matter? Importance Of Dustbin

Dustbins are very important for our healthy and safe life. Some developing countries do not understand this importance so that’s why they are developing. Dustbin must be used by every citizen of the country. Dustbins are used to store garbage and waste. This is also used to differentiate restorable material from the other garbage. So, every citizen must use the dustbin for themself and other people. Hereunder are some importance of the dustbin is written, which show why dustbin matters.

Over the past years, most countries are focused on making people use dustbins at the home, in the office and public areas. You might not know that a dustbin plays an important role in daily life and if you don’t use it, there are many bad consequences connected to the same. It might seem like dustbins are just for public areas, but there are many types of dustbins and each one is designed for a specific job.

Dustbin in India

By learning about the below-given points, you can understand the core concept regarding the working of a dustbin and why does it matter to you and your family –

1. For the cleanliness

The dustbin is used now in almost all houses. Dustbins help in maintaining your home clean and hygiene. If someone is not using a dustbin then all the waste of the home is scattered in the home. And all the home will seem like a dustbin. When someone uses the dustbin then they can easily collect and through the waste out to the home for recycling and other processes. Along with these dustbins are also used for the better health of the person. Because in the open and scattered garbage insects and bacteria are growing which may spread diseases. Cleanliness is very important for the beauty of the home also, so use the dustbins. They help a lot. so use the dustbins.

2. Types of dustbins

Dustbins are differentiated into three types to store the different types of garbage. These types are green, blue, and yellow. All three dustbins have their importance in the storage of the garbage. These types are made for the systemic storage of the wastages.

The green-coloured dustbins are used to store wet and biodegradable wastes. For example skin of fruits and vegetables. We store these things differently in the green dustbins to make biogas from this waste. Only biodegradable wastes are used in the production of biogas which is further used for cooking food. The waste left behind after the processing of the biogas is also used in the fertilization of the fields. So in this way, everything is utilized from the garbage.

The blue dustbin is the second type of dustbin which is used for the storage of plastic and disposal wrappers and non-degradable materials. We use this type of waste for recycling and reuse.

The third type is yellow, these dustbins are used in the storage of the papers and glass. This paper and glass are stored separately for the 4R rule. According to this rule, you have to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. These all three types are important.

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3. To stop garbage pollution

Garbage is one of the dirty and unwanted things which is directly thrown into nature by the people. Which makes garbage pollution. Garbage must have to treat properly safety of the soil water and the air. According to a report generated by urban India, more than 1.5 lakh tons of garbage are produced every day. If this is not treated systematically then it will lead to huge garbage pollution. Dustbins are helped to control this garbage pollution.

4. To protect our environment

The environment is the most important thing in our society. Without a good environment, you can’t imagine a healthy life. Only a healthy environment can provide us with a hygienic life. To it is must to use dustbins. Use of the dustbins helps a lot in the protection of our environment. By using dustbins, you can protect the environment from being polluted. If our environment is polluted with garbage then the living of animals, birds, and also of human beings will affect a lot. Thus, dustbin has a very great role in the protection of the environment.


It might be hard to conclude that why people don’t use dustbin even in 2021, but if you want to, then there is a ton of variety in the colour, size, design, features and more. You can find a perfect type of dustbin for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office and garden area. Make sure that you focus on the purchase of a quality dustbin by looking at its build quality, design and overall functionality to have an excellent overall use. We hope that learning about the importance of a dustbin will make you buy a quality dustbin for your house.

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