Dustbin Color Codes in India

We as the citizen of India must take proper care of our country. It is possible when we take care of our environment. We are constantly engaged with the task of polluting the environment. It is done in several ways. Sometimes, we throw the wastes here and there in our locality. Many times, we dispose of the garbage in front of our house. Is it done? Are we justifying ourselves? When the whole world is taking steps to control pollution, how can we take the responsibility to make it polluted? We have to stop this, to get a beautiful environment.

Use of dustbins

We must be well aware of the use and significance of dustbins. It is always good to throw the wastes in the dustbin. However, you must know about the various categories of dustbins that exist in the present time. The Governmental bodies have taken the initiative to divide the dustbins as per the wastes. Color coding is essential because it will make people aware of the type of wastes. Each dustbin will have specific colors. You need to deposit the wastes as per the colors of the dustbins. To do this, you must have a clear idea of the dustbins.

The dustbins are divided into green, blue, and red colors.

Dustbin Color Codes in India

Green dustbins are used to deposit the wet wastes. It may be anything. You can deposit wastes that come from the kitchen and other things. Even the peelings of vegetables and fruits can also be deposited in the green dustbins. Most fruit peelings are juicy. Many times, cooked foods are also deposited in green vegetables. This is because they have gravy and juicy. They have oils and spices. It is best to deposit it in the green dustbin. You can use it for biodegradable wastes.

Blue dustbins are used to deposit all types of dry wastes. You can use this bin to throw paper, bottles, and cardboard. You can also deposit cans here. You must remember not to throw any liquid materials on the blue bins. They are thrown in these bins so that they can recycle it. Recycling materials are mostly bottles, jars, plastic bottles, tetra pack items, and many other things. In most municipal areas, blue dustbins are found. However, you may also get yellow dustbins for throwing papers and plastic bottles.

On the other hand, red dustbins are used for disposing of medical wastes like cotton, bandages, and masks. They are mostly found in front of the hospitals. You can also use it for dumping soft plastics. It is always advised not to throw anything other than the medical wastes on the red bins.

What is the purpose of using colored dustbins?

The introduction of color codes has been made for the dustbins because it will help to identify which types of wastes are dumped.  These wastes can be distinguished before being destroyed. It is the primary duty of the people to throw the scraps in specific bins. The Government authorities mainly introduced the color codes for the wastes.

It is used for peaceful division of the wastes. Every year a lot of people lose their lives because of pollution. Pollution is found in various forms. If the right action and steps are not taken in time, it can endanger the ordinary people’s life. It is the utmost responsibility of the people to dispatch the wastes in their respective places. Do you know that throwing the scraps anywhere in the locality can give birth to many diseases? They are dangerous. So, you must have proper knowledge of the color codes of the dustbins. It will help in the easy disposal of the wastes.

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