How to Clean Your Dustbin?

Dustbins are now used in the everyday life. The dustbin is used for a clean and hygienic home and offices. Dustbins are very easy to use and help to clean our environment and protect it from being polluted. Everybody can easily fill it with the wastes, but the important thing is that how to empty the dustbins and clean them after use. This is a very important aspect of using dustbin. Here are some important steps are described to show that how to clean your home and kitchen dustbin easily and in a manner.

Dustbin Cleaning

1. Wear gloves

First of all, before cleaning your dustbin you have to wear a glove. This is because there are many small insects and bacteria’s can be present which can infect your skin or bite you. To protect you from those insects you must have to wear your gloves. You can wear protective gloves available in the market.

2. Empty your dustbin

Now you have to empty your bin in the garbage vehicle. This is important to empty the bin before cleaning the dustbin. you can only clean your dustbin after completely emptying it, make let out all the big garbage pieces from it.

3. Using the disinfectants

Now you have to disinfect your dustbin by using disinfectants. This step is to get rid out of the bacteria and viruses which is present in your wet dustbin. If these bacteria fall on the skin at the time of cleaning, they can harm you it is important to kill them. it is important to read all the instructions written on the disinfectant before spraying it into the dustbin.

4. Using the scrub

In this step, you have to scrub your dustbin with the help of the toilet cleaner. This is to get rid of the stains and dirt from the inside of the dustbin. To clean you can scrub it vigorously. After scrubbing all the sides of the dustbin you have to clean it 2 times with pure water.

5. Wipe with the cloth

After scrubbing and the dustbin and cleaning it with the water you have to dry it with the help of microfiber cloths. This is one of the important steps in the cleaning of the dustbin. this is important because if you do not dry it then it can catch the dirt and viruses can also contaminate the bin if not dried properly. Always use a cotton cloth to dry the dustbin because cotton has the property to absorb moisture properly.

6. Dry in sunlight

Now after drying with the microfiber, again dry it in the sunlight. Drying in the sunlight is important in 2 ways. First, disinfects the bin again. The UV light present in the sunlight kills the microbes present on the surface of the dustbin. It helps to maintain the hygiene of the dustbin. Sunlight is much effective in disinfecting dustbins. Second sunlight help to remove the microdroplets of the moisture available on the surface of the dustbin. Other reasons are also available but they are not important as others are.

7. Making it shiny and beautiful

Now the final step is here which enhances the presentation of the dustbin. Take few drops of the olive oil and put it on the microfiber cloth made up of the cotton fibre and wipe all surfaces of the dustbin. This step has much importance. Wiping it with the cotton cloth gives shiny look to the surface of the dustbin to make it spotless and remove any fingerprints. Another important reason for following this step is, after wiping with the olive oil, it is easy to clean the dustbin next time. Garbage and water do not stick with the surface of the bin.

8. Additional Tips

While cleaning your dustbin, it will be an excellent safety measure, if you focus on better hygiene for the next time. Here are a few tips –

  • After cleaning your dustbin, make sure that you have placed it unexposed to cockroaches, insects and bacteria.
  • To get rid of the bad odour of the dustbin, you can use baking soda, coffee beans, or old newspaper for an effective clean.
  • Placing a few layers of newspaper at the bottom of the dustbin will prevent rusting and will ensure better hygiene.
  • Do not place your dustbin close to heat, in direct sunlight to prevent poor smell in the house.

Following these simple tips will ensure you better overall usability of the dustbin and a clean place to live in.

Bottom Line

Cleaning a dustbin is easy and require a little effort. It is a top-notch approach, if you clean the dustbin twice a week, then it will be a great way to ensure proper hygiene and healthy living. We hope that you don’t have to deal with any problem while cleaning the dustbin.

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