What is the punishment for rape in India?

Rape is a crime that is above human civilization. Having force sex with a person is something that should immediately stop. Every year a lot of woman passes through this phase. Rape is a stigma that is present in society for a long time. You may have come across several such cases that have left a profound impact on your mind. It feels terrible to imagine when a tender-aged girl has to lose her life after rape. The brutal torture done on a girl should be stopped or our society will come to an end.

What is rape?


Rape is forceful sexual intercourse between a man and a woman without the consent of the woman. Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code has also described Rape. It states that whenever a man penetrates or does sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent, it amounts to rape. Sometimes the penetration becomes so severe that the woman is seriously injured. It is a brutal crime that needs to be stopped. It is such a crime that it has a devastating impact on the survivor. It can also bring shocking mental effects.

What is the punishment of rape?

The increasing cases of rape have thrilled the nation. If the right steps are not taken from the beginning, people will face huge issues. You must have heard about the rape cases that are done on kids. It is a shame for us. If anyone commits a rape on a girl less than twelve years of age, the person will be imprisoned for a period of seven years which may extend to ten years.

If rape is committed on a pregnant woman, the person will be imprisoned for a period of ten years which may increase to a lifetime. If five or more people commit rape on a woman they may be punished for ten years extending to lifetime. They will be subjected to fines. If any rape or sexual harassment is committed on a woman who is under custody or remand home, the person will be subjected to ten years that may extend to a lifetime. The person will also be subject to fine. Such a person will lose their job. The court must always listen to the victim and her grievance. This is the primary work of the court.

A person will only be subjected to punishment after careful medical examinations. The examinations must be conducted in Government hospitals and healthcare centers. In every minute, 3 out of 5 women are raped. Some of them are even killed. Many become mentally ill.

It is found that rape is nothing but showcasing male power and dominance. We are still residing in a male-dominated society. Each male has the tendency to reflect that they are superior. Rape is one such way to show their power. Mere arresting the culprits will not work, but they must be given strict punishments. If the court provides severe discipline to the rapists, it is assumed that the crime will decrease to some extent.

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