What All is Covered Under Schengen Travel Insurance?

Are you dreaming of a picturesque European holiday? The gigantic snow-capped mountains, surrounded by a crystal-blue river, and everlasting happiness! A trip to Europe is on the bucket list of most travelers. When it comes to a first-ever trip to Europe, it has to be a special and memorable one.

To travel to European countries, you require a Schengen Visa and Schengen Travel Insurance is compulsory if you are planning to fly off to Europe.

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What is Schengen Travel Insurance?

Schengen travel insurance is an insurance policy that offers you coverage in all the 26 European countries that belong to the Schengen region-

Also, purchasing Schengen travel insurance is necessary to process your visa application.

When traveling to Europe, travelers should handle and financially cover medical emergencies like an accident, an injury, or an unexpected event.To take care of unforeseen expenses that can arise while traveling, a travel insurance policy has been proven beneficial for travelers with financial support and comfort to carry on with their travel journey without any stress.

What is Included in the Schengen Travel Insurance?

  1. A medical emergency caused due to an accident or illness while traveling to the Schengen nations
  2. If a minor has to be deported to his/her country
  3. Expenditure incurred on International Funeral
  4. Being robbed ofimportant possessions
  5. If you miss your connecting flight due to overlapping of schedules
  6. If your trip is delayed due to harsh weather conditions
  7. If you lose or damage your luggage, personal belongings, or essential travel documents.
  8. Expenses incurred while transporting the insured’s mortal remains
  9. Reimbursement of the return ticket for a family member visiting you if you have been in the hospital for more than seven days
  10. Cost of obtaining a fresh or a duplicate passport in case of a lost passport
  11. In case the baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours after checking in
  12. In case your trip is canceled without any prior notice or information

Requirements of Schengen Visa Insurance

Once you have an idea concerning what is covered under Schengen travel insurance policy, it is equally important to understand the requirements of a Schengen Visa Insurance.

Schengen Visa Insurance should meet the below-mentioned criteria to obtain a valid visa:

  • Schengen Travel Insurance should offer minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro.
  • It should provide coverage against unplanned medical emergencies comprising of medical illness, accidental injury, and transporting the mortal remains of the dead.
  • The medical travel insurance needs to be valid in all the 26 member Schengen countries that accept Schengen visas.

Benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance

The cost of living in Europe is extremely high, including all the 26 Schengen nations. During the course of your trip, if there is a medical emergency, it can easily drain off all your savings. This is why investing in a Schengen travel insurance plan when traveling to Schengen nations in Europe is a good idea to avoid any inconvenience during the trip.

Here is the list of benefits that you can avail after purchasing the Schengen Travel Insurance-

  1. It offers cashless hospitalization cover.
  2. It covers accidental injuries during the trip.
  3. Schengen Travel Insurance offers personal cover for the accident.
  4. Emergency medical expenses that you incurduring the trip are covered under Schengen travel insurance.
  5. Loss of passport is covered under the Schengen Travel Insurance policy.
  6. It offers third-party damage cover.
  7. Coverage for the total loss of baggage is covered by the travel insurance plan.

The benefits offered by Schengen Travel Insurance will vary from one plan to another, depending upon the purpose of your visit. For students, there are special Schengen travel insurance plans.

Need for a Schengen Travel Insurance

When traveling abroad, most countries want travelers to be insured during international travel, whether for tourism, business, or studies. As per the Schengen country law, travelers must have travel insurance coverage if they use a Schengen visa. Such laws exist because people may fall sick during their trip and may require urgent medical care. It can become problematic if vacationers cannot afford expensive medical treatments offered at the destinations they visit. Owning Schengen Travel Insurance could help travelers get immediate medical treatment.

Reputed companies like Tata AIG aims to make your travel easier and simpler. With Tata AIG Overseas Insurance, not only can you visit multiple countries in the Schengen region with just one stamp, but there are other benefits as well. It provides cover for a medical facility and cancellations or loss of baggage and passport. Start planning for your next trip, travel safe, and be insured.

Happy Journey!

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