Top Ten Most Popular Fashion Brands in India

Fashion has become a status symbol nowadays and everyone wants to be fashionable, wear amazing clothes before stepping out of the house. It is frequently being said, the way you dress, the way you will be tended to. So it doesn’t come as an amazement to recognize what affect that initial introduction makes when you meet somebody. It is likewise being said that “you’re garments talks much sooner than you do.” What that implies is that whether you say a word or not, the way you dress talks a great deal about you. Your garments could be talking delicately, or it could be talking uproariously. Your closet conveys trust, knowledge, status, and riches. Apparel can convey your position in the organization and it additionally imparts what your meticulousness is, or your absence of consideration. It can convey the amount you require the other individual’s business in a business circumstance. On the other hand it can uncover how traditionalist you are, or the amount of a daring individual you are. Absolutely being elegant is about certainty. Whether you are new to the style amusement or an old hand, there will dependably be something you need to change. Here is a list of top ten fashion brands in India.

10. Levi’s

Levis has everything that a person wants. The jeans of this particular brand are comfortable and worth buying. It comes in budget and has something for everyone in the store. It is one of the best brands in India, and is loved by everyone. You can buy the products of Levi’s on any online store as well.

9. Provogue

It was established in the year 1997, and was started as man’s fashion brand, but today they have grown into a bigger fashion brand and have clothes for women as well. They have everything that one needs and all are quality products.

8. Raymond

The complete man’, is one of the best clothing brands for men fashion. Their garments are amazing and of top most quality. It is an Indian Brand and was established in the 1925. It is a trusted brand and is loved by many.

7. U.S Polo

For those who love to wear tee shirts, US Polo is the brand for them. It is one of the best brands of clothing, and has various products including shoes, belts, shirts, bottoms, inner wear and etc. They have quality product and is preferred by many.

6. Mango

This brand is particularly dedicated to women, and caters all their needs. It is an international brand and is loved by many women. They have everything for a girl including bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. It is one of the best clothing brands and has quality product.

5. Forever 21

Another international brand, it caters the needs of all men and women. The designs are completely unique, stylish and affordable. They have all the accessories, bags, clothes, shoes and you name it and you have it.

4. Louis Philippe

The famous brand for the men, who wear formal clothes in their day to day business. LP is one of the finest brand for men clothing and has various options for clothes and accessories.

3. Calvin Klein

Another international brand, which caters all your needs. They have clothes and accessories for both the genders and they provide quality products.

2. Zara

Today, everyone wants to clothes designed by Zara. It is one of the best clothing brands in India which is International. They are affordable, and have everything for everyone, including kids and infants. They have some amazing accessories and designer clothes.

1. Christian Dior

Christian Dior

It is a European luxury International brand and the accessories are taking a toll on everyone. They have amazing products and bags for women. Their clothes are expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them but those who buy Dior, love it immensely.