Top 10 Best Indian Cities for Nightlife Enjoyment

Nightlife implies excitement that is convenient around dusk time. Indian twilights have dependably been enthusiastic and impressive. India’s nightlife is among the maddest and enlivening nightlife around the globe. On the off chance that you are tired and debilitated following a long tumultuous day, these places serve you heaps of amusement, fun, and unwinding in the meantime. Here is a list of main 10 places in India for the most fascinating and sensational nightlife.

10. Jaipur

This pink city has got a lot to offer you apart from the huge palaces and the royal places. The youth here is fun loving, and love to party hard. There are many places in the city where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy the nightlife. There are few places in the city like Taquila, B2B, venom lounge, Amigos bar and disco and many more.

9. Chandigarh

This beautiful green city is fun at night. The Punjabis as we all know, love to enjoy and have fun, the night clubs and hangouts impersonates the same thing. The night clubs of this city are just amazing and are full of life and energy. There are few places in the city like Lava bar, Oriental lounge, Zinc Lounge, Antidote and many other places.

8. Chennai

The Metro City has various pubs and some amazing clubs. The hospitality of the place is just amazing. With some amazing restaurants and night life, Chennai is becoming one of the best places to have fun during the late night hours. There are few places in the city like Pasha, Zara, Dublin, Hell Freezes Over Bikes and many more.

7. Kolkata

The people of Kolkata, who are so much inclined to their customs and cultures, the night life here is just extraordinary. There are numerous places to have fun at night with your friends and folly in this metro city. The youth of this place enjoys partying and they party hard. There are few places in the city like Tantra, Trance, Hip hop and many more places.

6. Hyderabad

The people of Hyderabad love to party and party way too much. There are numerous high end clubs and pubs, which allows the youth to have some fun. There are many pubs, clubs and discos in the city, of which, the best one includes Hard Rock Cafe, Rain, Escape, 99MHz, Touch and many more.

5. Pune

The city full of youth is one of the city where the night life is just outstanding. There are various clubs, pubs, discos where you can go with your friends and have some awesome fun. The city has places like Hard Rock Cafe, Q-Bar, Atrium lounge and bar, Sky Lounge and many more such awesome places. The rates are not extremely high as it is usually the students and the youth going to such places.

4. Bangalore

This IT hub, is a place where the night life is just amazing. The people work throughout the day and they party hard at night. Though most of the pubs shuts down at 12, but that does not stop the people to go and have some fun. There are many places in the city like iBar, Zero G, TGIF, NAsa, and many more such places.

3. Delhi

The capital city of the country is famous for its night life. The people here love to enjoy their night life, and prefer to have some fun. There are some extra amazing places where you can visit in Delhi, they are La boheme, Grey Garden, Hauz Khas Village and many other places.

2. Mumbai

As rightly said, the city never sleeps. There are people who after spending the entire day working, love to have some fun at night. There are many places in the City such as The Little Door, Tap Bar and Restaurant, Take it easy, Bora Bora, Insomnia and many more places.

1. Goa

goa nightlife

The place is famous for its lifestyle, and a lot of tourists come to this place. There are several places in Goa, where you can have amazing time. The music is always nice; people are always in the moos to celebrate. The places are Titos, Shiros, Mambosa and many places. Anjuna Beach, Calangute, Baga are some places where you can enjoy trance, sitting under the moonlight and enjoy your time.

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